Windows 10?


There should be a software enthusiasts sub category. Anywho, I am still rolling with Windows 7 and continually get the windows 10 upgrade notice forever showing up. Should I just go a head and upgrade or should I keep windows 7? I know there are many people here who are smarter than I when it comes to all things computer so I need your advice on whether to upgrade or hold out for now.


I, myself, have not upgraded. I have secondhand heard some terrifying tales from RikkAnderson about his upgrade-then-rollback experience due to things still not being awesome with 10. >.> But I’m personally hilariously change-resistant for a techy lady.


I was upgraded by force when we got these lovely new rigs and honestly I love it. Zero issues so far and from my not super enthusiast point of view it is basically identical to Windows 7 with regards to ease of use and finding what I want. I recommend the upgrade personally.


I upgraded as soon as I got the chance, because I didn’t want to have to deal with windows 8.1 anymore. I really have had very little issues. I recently had to do a little bit of tweaking, because enough though windows said “your firewall settings are being managed by kaspersky” windows firewall shut off my logitech gaming software. So I had to put a stop to that.

The only minor issue I had when I upgraded is that I have a 3 TB drive, so when I upgraded I had to reinstall the driver/software that I had a full 3 TB drive. So there was some mild panic at first right after the upgrade, but it wasn’t really a big deal.

I had some real problems with my razor naga having USB issues but I’m pretty sure that was a mouse issue.

Shen has refused to upgrade from windows 7 due to security concerns and other problems that windows 10 is still having.


Just upgrade, it’s not a big deal. Been using it since insider preview and I’ve had zero issues.


This is what I will probably do. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t some issue I didn’t know about that would cause my computer to blow up or keep my games from working.


it was more stable in beta and now it may crash your computer.


I’ve had zero problems running it at home and work. Then again, I am smarter than the average computer user. 7 times out of 10 this applies:


That may be the most vague and fear mongering statement I’ve ever read. Trump is that you?


This. Going to rock Windows 7 until Obama forces Windows 10 upon me. I’ve had zero issues with Windows 7 and see absolutely no reason to change. If Microsoft hadn’t discontinued support for XP, I would still be running a 64 bit installation to this day.


how did you know :^) jk feel the bern 2k16


I’m kind of in blendor’s camp, 7 works just fine for me, I long ago disabled the advertisement to update to 10, I feel no real drive to upgrade.


I just got force-upgraded to Windows 10 without my permission.

I am furious.

Also, since apparently so many of y’all are already on the mobile is the new desktop plan, if I just suck it up and deal with it instead of rolling back as I currently plan to do once I am no longer fuming, what do I need to do to protect my privacy or other likely inane settings that are automatically selected without my consent?


Maybe this?


I always refer to these as PICNIC errors.

Person In Chair, Not In Computer