Why are there no good god games?


So I was reading the article on the recent godus mess and wondering why doesn’t somebody else manage to come out with a decent god game? We really haven’t seen any big titles since Black and White.

Speaking of which, I’d love to see somebody bring Black and White back so it’s viable to play. I know for a brief while it was being supported “by the community” so it would run on…I think it was like windows XP or something. Further Windows versions ended up being unsupported and it wouldn’t run past that.

I’ve looked into this a bit, and I guess Peter Molyneux seemed to be the creator of some of the best (or only?) god games out there…but why does nobody else bother?


Maybe noone can top Black and White 1? The second game was pretty bad in comparison.

Maybe there isn’t a big enough demand?


Despite being hailed as one of the top game developers, Molyneux sure seems to be a bumbling hot mess most of the time going from one screw-up to the next. My thinking as the article pointed out, he should just focus on making games. Stop talking up the press, stop trying to do anything but make games.

I was a big fan of Black and White back in the day and would love to see a remake.


No game will ever one up teaching my zebra to be rude, and while other creatures initiate duels, getting a running start and drop kicking them in the face. That game was incredible.




Reprisal Universe is a decent one. Better than Godus at least.