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and thanks for your interest in F7Lans. F7Lans consists of a wide array of members that follow simple rules to maintain a fun and productive gaming community. These basic rules consist of:

  1. Don’t be a dick
  • No cheating, exploiting, or hacking the game. Because wtf mate, that’s not fun (see Rule 1).
  • Above all, respect your fellow players. We’re all people here.

We won’t hesitate to remove you from our tiny corner of the Internet if pushed. Do not test us.

That being said, you are among a company of very interesting, quirky, and fun to be around people that enjoy both wildly different and comfortably similar interests–mostly computer-based video games, but as you can see, there are many platforms, games, and other hobbies discussed here.


We have a discord server available for use! Come and join us!

Look for this toolbar on the home page!


Traditionally, F7Lans has been a Team Fortress 2 gaming community but we have many different games available to us. Be sure to use the discussion boards and let us know what you like to play! With enough interest, we can organize group gaming nights, or even set up a server.

F7Lans also plans various F7 exclusive events for prizes, charity, and good times. WAN parties, smaller LAN parties, and big gaming events are all part of our repertoire.

Membership Structure

We have a fairly basic structure of membership around here.
no tag / your own clan tag: Guests, friends, and visitors! We love to have you guys around, so we’re not all just sitting around taking to ourselves. :wink:
>f$> tag: Supporter tag. For a small donation, you receive a set period of supporter status, which gives you preferred status for our games and servers. Supporter funds help us keep our servers up, and our events running.
>f7> tag: Member tag. This tag is reserved for officially applied and accepted members only.

Note: wearing >f$> or >f7> tags without having earned them will result in immediate and permanent bans.

#F7Lans Membership

2016 Revised Membership process

We love to have visitors, but if you want to join the >Family>, official membership to our community is a rather simple process:

  1. Get to know the community.
    In order to don the robes of the >f7>, we will need to know who you are, and you will need get to know us as a group. Find some time to hang out with us on our Discord server and play some games with us.

  2. Stick around for “Regular” status
    We pin users in different tiers in discord. Hang out with us, chat with us, and be friends with us and you will be pinned as a “Regular”. This gives you access to the chat history in discord as well as unlock your abilities to become apart of F7Lans.

  3. Become a member!
    So steps 1 and 2 are down, you know our community members and our admins well and you are ready to take the path to F7 membership! Query one of the server admins and request membership. Its that simple!

Gone are the days of finding a sponsor, jumping through hoops, and applying to join. We decided if you get to know us well enough, we can make an educated decision on your character to permit you into our family if you fit well.

Membership Criteria Overhaul
Official Mumble Server

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