Welcome to Dota, You Suck


I’ve seen a few more people trying to give Dota 2 a shot and between that and seeing the conversation on Facebook I decided to create a quick composite of various resources I’ve found useful in the past.

So you want to give Dota 2 a shot? Have no clue where to start? Maybe you have played another MOBA game before and maybe you haven’t. This thread is designed to give you a very cursory introduction by providing resources myself and others have found useful for introducing new players.

The first place to look for your introduction should be the Dota 2 Training or Tutorial missions. These tutorials will take you by the hand and walk you step by step through a lot of the major mechanics and techniques Dota 2 requires. This includes simple things like Moving the Hero to more advanced nuances like last hitting and denying creeps. It can be a bit long but completing it will give you a great introduction without the stress of dealing with other players. You also get a free item set for one of the more new player friendly heros. Yay hats.

Now if you find my lingo of last hitting and denying to already be too overwhelming you can also check out Purge’s Guide to Dota which this threads name is derived from. Purge is a well known caster, streamer and pro player who does a fantastic job teaching the game. Check his guide out here to learn some of the same mechanics taught in the tutorial. You can also check out his Youtube page which has countless videos of him playing with either live commentary or recorded commentary to the replay in which he tries to teach and explain his thought process. These videos require a base knowledge of the game in order to gain the most from them but if you wish to check them out head over here.

Speaking of Youtube, another fantastic source for learning Dota 2 is Dota Cinema. They provide both humerous replays of people failing misserably as well as fantastic hero by hero guides and tutorials. The main page is available here and a link to the Hero Spotlights (basic intro to individual heroes) here and Hero Guides (more detailed guide on individual heroes) here

Finally, if you don’t feel like the pressure of playing against real players just get some practice against bots. Try to practice the mechanics you have been learning about without the stress of being watched. If you are uncertain about what skill build to go for or what items to buy Dota 2 has a fantastic in game guide system for each hero. You can simply open this up in the top left hand corner and pick one of the guides that is higher rated. From there just level up as instructed at each level and buy the items it recommends. This takes some of the stress away and allows you to focus of the basics.

Most importantly have fun and remember you can always just mute trolls. Add some F7ites to your friends list and play with them. The game is immensely more fun with friends and a huge reward for those who take the dive in to learn. Hope to see more of you in game.

Feel free to comment below if you are interested in starting and wanted some people to play with or if you have any additional resources you have found useful for new players in the past.

EDIT: This is a video from Purge, a caster/player mentioned earlier. In this series entitled “Dota 2 for your Mom” he breaks down Dota 2 at a very basic level while watching a replay of a promatch. If you have no clue where to start and would rather sit back and watch/listen to someone teach you Dota then utilize this video.


Thanks, Soc!


Does that mean you and Cereal will be joining us?


Is that why you broke the Minecraft server? =(


Actually, Cereal was the one who broke it. I think his subconscious is telling him to play Dota. You two should really give it a try.


There are a ton of friendly and patient F7ites and friends ready and willing to help you along.


Added the video “Dota 2 for your Mom” from Purge to the original post. This video breaks Dota 2 down to its most basic level and provides a great resource if you wish to watch/listen to learn instead of reading. Check it out.


JOIN US! The new Gameplay Update should be released in the next few days and will change the game in a number of ways. Now would be the perfect time to get into it when people are still trying to figure out the new changes.


@rew1red, now it is easier than ever to make the switch.