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Facebook stalking has revealed that @techfuzz is married!!! (As of today I think!)

He’s been busy with school, work, his equally busy lady, and basically Life in general.

Wish him and his lovely wife all the best so we can plant on a smile on his face when he comes around!


Huzzah! Years of marriage and happiness to you!


Thank you @Voldenae @f0rkz! Indeed we were married this past Saturday. We had a smallish ceremony at Red Top Mountain State Park which was all we could muster given our busy lives; although we are jetting off to South America next week for our honeymoon. Keep stalking The Facebook for pictures of our travels to parts unknown.


Congrats. Now for the most annoying question in the world for newly married people. This is just to break you into hearing it, no need to answer.

When y’all having kids? :smiley:

I am at the second most annoying question. When you having another?