Upgrade time


I decided to upgrade but still needing to keep portability in mind I decided to try something completely different I sold my razer blade and my desktop and bought the MSI GS30 Shadow with gaming dock and I wanted to not have to upgrade GPUs for a long ass time so I decided to splurge on a 980ti

and I know some people think that PCIe x4 will bottleneck higher end cards but after all the necessary upgrades and drivers I got a whopping 14,300 on 3DMark Fire strike

and the full specs for this odd laptop/desktop beast are as follows:
16GB DDR3 2133Mhz ram
2x 128GB SSDs in raid 0
1x 2TB HDD in gaming dock
GTX 980Ti FTW in gaming dock
Logitech G910 Orion Spark Mechanical gaming Keyboard
Razer Naga Epic Chroma mouse
2 x acer XB270HU 2560x1440 144Hz G-Sync Monitors in Nvidia surround


Going all out on the video card I see. I finally upgraded my old POS, and by upgrade I mean completely replaced except for the 1 TB hard drive and the DVD RW drive.

Out of curiosity why go RAID 0 on SSD’s? After talking with @freeb1rd to help choose some parts I went with a single 500 GB SSD for the operating system and other programs I want to run faster. Things that used to take precious seconds now open almost instantaneously (ex. word and excel documents). Does RAID 0 offer that much more in the way of reading and writing? I see from various websites that it does in fact read and write faster that way but I guess what I am really wondering is, is it useful and noticeable?

As for the rest of the system I am now running an i5-6500 with a GTX 970 and 16 gb DDR3 1600.


BECAUSE MOR SPED YO! no just kidding haha in all seriousness there were two main reasons.

  1. because this is technically an ultrabook with a PCIe3 X16 extenal gpu and hardrive dock and not thunderbolt 3 I need to shut down and restart every time I want to switch between integrated graphics and the dock and vice versa.
  2. Because that’s the only option that came with it haha also being a laptop it didn’t have many configuration options it had the option to go i5 or i7 8GB or 16gb and 2x 64GB SSDs or 2x 128GB SSDs and since I bought it used I technically didn’t have any choice

although to answer your question I have done single high speed SSD’s dual and triple raid 0 SSD’s and even NVME SSDs and I do notice a small bootup time difference in 2x raid 0 than a single ssd but the biggest diference is in game loading times I put a few games that have long loading times like fallout 4 etc on the SSD and what would normally take 15-20 seconds on an hdd or 5-10 on an SSD takes no more than 2 usually on raid 0

Also I updated the OG post with the new peripherals I just got


I figured more speed but was wondering just how much and if it is noticeable. For me not having prior experience with SSD what I have now is a shit ton faster and I can’t imagine things being faster still.


well specifically with m.2 SSDs generally the lower capacity they are the slower they are with one I would get about 450MB/s read 300 write with two in raid 0 I get about 850 read 650 write so with laptops I would definitely recommend raid 0 for a desktop even though it will increase speed a good quality high speed 500GB SSD will work fine giving u roughly 500 read write speeds which is still balls to the walls fast the only main difference you will notice during day to day use is loading very large files extracting and compressing files and game loading times smaller files and applications like word music and a fair amount of games you probably won’t notice a real difference between a single SSD and raid 0