Tribes: Ascend


Ummmm, did Hi-Rez make some improvements? I haven’t played in a while and I haven’t installed it on my new rig yet. I may have to go download again and log back in a play some.

an extra 20 seconds of research I found this.


Yeah I remember reading about a large update to T:A some time ago, but I never quite felt like reinstalling the game to give it another go. I’m sure that mentality is probably not helping since a lot of players like me means a lot of servers that are empty.


Who can care when Overwatch is right around the corner? They had their chance.


I don’t really consider tribes and overwatch to be in the same category, but either way hi-rez royally shafted their community over the course of the T:A and either way they deserve all the negativity they now have.


They were at a lan and we gave them a direction we’d like to see…

It was said to them that they needed private linux servers, and hats.


Yep, I downloaded and reinstalled and very few people playing. Kind of sucked. I had my hopes up but was disappointed. I think I will be uninstalling now.


I, like an abused spouse will be trying it again. Because at one point I loved this game.


There were good times too…


Yeah, the game had a good (if not short) run. In terms of quality of game, it was better than Vivendi’s abomination, its just a shame they let it go down the drain.


Yeah, I know the feeling. I haven’t brought myself to actually uninstall yet. I always enjoyed playing a super heavy infiltrator and camping out on the flag.


That game is so much fun!!. i havent played that in a while.