Tiger Direct (possibly) closing all of their retail stores


I stumbled upon a thread on reddit of an employee at Tiger Direct stating that the retail stores will be closing. Only one near me in Ga is staying open as stated in the thread. If anyone has a retail store near them, go check this out!



Kind of a shame there aren’t any near where I live. I would totally pick up a new mouse and headset. Especially if I could get it upwards of 50% off or more.


I didn’t even know they had actual stores. I know they have a huge distribution warehouse off Exit 137 in bumfuck North Georgia.


I’m really not surprised by this. Market between Newegg and Amazon must be fierce, especially considering they never had that good of name recognition in the first place.


I loved having one nearby to where I used to live but in the years I was there I can count on one hand the number of times I went there. If I didn’t have to have it that day it was just much easier and typically cheaper to order online.


I really enjoyed being able to buy a monitor the day my desktop came in, but we were so rarely in there that it seems kind of pointless.


The one time I tried to order from there I got 15 flaming “fraud prevention” hoops to jump through. I then said fuck it and went to provantage. They were cheaper anyway.


They were the Radio Shack of actual PC component stores to me. The “showroom” in the front of their warehouse in Jefferson was really small and had hardly anything on display. I ordered a sound card from them back in 2007, that’s it. I used them for price matching while getting shit at Microcenter but generally they were the highest. If there were a store closing within 100 miles, I’d treck to get a look at what they have.


I have NEVER EVER EVER had a good experience with TD online. I had an issue a few years ago where I was sent a totally different Dvd drive than I ordered…and it totally died in a few days. Too many hoops were presented for a $40 piece of shit. After a few transfers, I finally got the belly full of them and their shit. I cussed out the 3rd lady I was transferred to because I asked for a manager, which she said she was not. NEVER EVER Tiger Direct EVER. NEVER. Its been 5 years since then, but this is a long time coming for their company. I hope they disappear totally. They cannot compete with Newegg or any other e-tailer for that matter. They can cram their bad prices and horribly customer service into the rift in their bums.


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