The Sad Story: TB has terminal cancer diagnosis


Always a sad thing to hear from anyone, even more so from someone like Total Biscuit who is so well respected among casual and competitive gamers alike.


Yeah I don’t particularly watch YouTube personalities however whenever I did watch one of his it always stood apart as being well thought out with concise criticisms and the like.


Yeah, I was really bummed by this news. He has always been one of my favorites. I got into his stuff back when starcraft 2 was getting started, and I found him when he was casting SCII videos when he still lived over in the UK.

He’s also a huge 40k fan, so I’ve respected his views on the various video games that have been released under the GW label. Games workshop has been “you want to make a video game with warhammer ? OK! It’s crap? We don’t care, we want dolla dolla billz yo” So a lot of the various video games out there with the games workshop logo out there are complete garbage.