The new minecraft server is up!


I’ll get it going tomorrow morning when I am at the helm 100%. Good lan’s were had. Good sleep is to be had.


Ohh shit I missed forks con didn’t I?


More like, rocket league is the best game ever made con.


Server updated. Had to update forge as well. Should be up and running.


Thank you.


I keep getting an error when trying to connect. It doesn’t appear to be a mod mismatch though.


Here’s an update. It’s been a while but Cereal and I are going to try to get back into Minecraft and we hope to see others.

Update Forge. Merge mods folder and delete previous versions, including in the 1.7.10 folder. Completely delete Endercore. I’m rolling back EnderIO to a previous version as I think it was causing problems. The minimap and NEI are optional for clients. @f0rkz Don’t install them on the server.

Google Drive


did we ever figure out what the original problem was? only reason I quit was because we couldn’t connect to the server anymore.


I think the API for one of the mods changed and others didn’t update to it. I would have tried to fix it earlier but I didn’t think anyone was still playing.


Haven’t had a free moment with all my server tools to get this running. I’ll try tomorrow while I am off!


Finally got everything back online! @ph34rbot and I worked out an awesome new way to handle updates. It should speed up the process quite considerably.

@Super_Cereal, @clickfire, @Esca


There’s another update before you can get on the server. I included all of the files from the 1.09 update so just get this one.

Forge should be updated to the latest version, which is 1517.

Google Drive

Forkz showed me how to upload the necessary files to GitHub. I can publish the changes so that the old files are deleted and people only get the files they need. If people are interested, I can create and post the client files in addition to the standard zip file.


Finally, something to do with my ample spare time! :dizzy_face:


The server is back online.


I guess we are about to find out the hard way if my invasion ended or not.


I thought invasions don’t end.