The new minecraft server is up!


Well, it doesn’t dump anything, I usually see you guys chatting and then nothing and 400% CPU 150% memory usage.


Our conversations are so intellectually stimulating that the server can’t handle it.


Do you guy use voice chat at the time when the server crashes?


@f0rkz No, but there is apparently one common factor: being in the space station dimension from Galacticraft. Server just crashed and it seems that this crashing is occurring while I’m working on Deep Space Loot.

So, I will be abandoning my space project until such a time (if ever) that the issue can be resolved. If you can, defibrillate the server again and I’ll stay away from the station.



Kicked and restarted.


Yaaaaaay <3 Thank you! Hope LAN is less freezy than MC.


Thank you Lord and Savior @f0rkz. RIP my space station :frowning:


I got a bit lazy about compiling updates. Here’s a new one. I’ll update the full modpack soon. @f0rkz will let you know when the server is updated.


Google Drive

The file “MrTJPCore-” belongs in the 1.7.10 folder within the mods folder. I would delete the old file and place the new one there. If you don’t move it, it will be moved during start up but I’m not sure if the old file is deleted. If you’re having problems during start up, I would check on this first.

There are two new API mods that are required. There are no old files for them that will need to be deleted.

Edit: I re-release the pack because I forgot a mod. If you’ve downloaded the packs before 10 PM Sat, you will need to redownload it or you can get the mod separately below.

PlayerAPI Dropbox

Edit: Two mods updated yesterday. I repacked the files again. 4:30PM Monday


So the server files are not ready?


They’re ready. I updated the packs.


Server updated and starting up now.


Its also a bad sign when there is noone playing and I still get these nags:

[15:47:30] [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 2616ms behind, skipping 52 tick(s)

I hope you guys know what this is doing to my soul. :wink:


Minor update to the 1.06 pack today.

As for the warning, the teleporters in game keep the chunk they’re in loaded, as part of their necessary function. They’re aren’t that many of them. Total chunks loaded should be less than a single player.

Do you use something like VisualVM? If we can figure out which mod or mods are taxing the server, I’m open to removing them.


We Looooooooove youuuuuuu


Java makes me shiver.

click click click click click

Hear my teeth chattering?


Minor update. Mainly done for Mekanism optimization. Waiting on @f0rkz.

Google Drive



Updated and server starting up.


@f0rkz Been a while since the last update. Here it is. It requires a Forge update. Get it here.

Google Drive



Sorry he can only be reached in Space. Try again later.


@f0rkz bump