The new minecraft server is up!


apparently not. I was actually hoping I could use the square as decoration, but that was a bad call. XD

To get the actual functional gate you have to find a stronghold and carry in 12 eyes of ender to actually turn on the portal to get to The End.


It worked in my single player test.


I’m going to have @f0rkz update the server when he restarts it. Players will need to update to the latest Forge version first. Forge Files are below. The old file “MrTJPCore” is located in the 1.7.10 folder WITHIN the mods folder. Make sure to delete it.


Google Drive

Additionally, the Mekanism config has been alter to show energy values in RF. The mekanism file in the config folder will need to be deleted. It will regenerate when you connect to the server.

@Super_Cereal @clickfire


@ph34rbot thanks for the latest update package!

Also, thanks to @f0rkz in advance for pushing the new files and restarting the server :smiley:


should this fix the fluids crash we were having with the smeltery system?


It should.


Mods updated and server running without a hitch.


Thank you, Master F0rkz!



@f0rkz The server crashed again as soon as Esca joined. There might be a corrupted item in her inventory or her player data itself is bad.


Not at my computer to fix right now. I’ll be a minute until I can restart it…


Thank you. I’m sorry. =(


@f0rkz and @ph34rbot, looks like the server needs to be restarted again. Three of us were kicked (timed out) and the server is saying we’re all still logged in. :expressionless:


Server looked to be locked up and not responding to commands (also using 100%+ system CPU and memory). Had to forcefully restart it. Hope it didn’t mess anything up!


For a moment I thought my dragon had vanished, but then I found him wandering in a field away from home. This renews hopes of one day finding my monkey and bringing him back.


@f0rkz #1!!!


@f0rkz Everyone timed out again. Looks like the same problem. Is there a way you can determine what’s causing the high CPU usage. I understand things will have to wait because of the LAN.


I restarted it, but it gives me nothing.


I was able to log in after your restart. I wonder why this is happening…?

Regardless, thanks for restarting again!


It’s happened twice in two days. I’m concerned that it’s just going to keep happening if we can’t determine a cause.