The new minecraft server is up!


The f7lans Minecraft server has be fully set up and tested. I feel confident that the server is ready for others to enjoy. While the server has been tested, it has only been by a handful of players. The burdern of many players interacting may cause issues. This is a survival type server and many of the mods serve to enhance the experience. Some players may find mobs or certain areas to be extremely dangerous.

Any players who experience bugs, crashes, or poor server performance should post here and inform f0rkz. Additionally, everyone should thanks f0rkz for setting this up for everyone.


There are some things people should watch for going forward.

  1. If a player is exploring a new location and the server is lagging, slow down the exploration and give the server time to fully generate new chunks. This issue is to be expected.
  2. Thaumcraft adds a biome called The Taint. It is functionally similar to The Corruption in Terraria. It spreads and tainted mobs are much stronger. Players should tell others about Taint biome locations so that they can work together to contain, avoid, or explore it.
  3. Some mobs, such as Ogres, can have high damage and health. Others have unique behaviors. Randomly generated castles/dungeons have been added to the server, which contain groups of dangerous mobs but also rare loot. New mobs can be much more dangerous than the vanilla mobs.
  4. The creative server has been shut down to free up resources for this one. However, there is still a way to play creative mode on this server. Players who dislike survival mode and wish to play in creative mode only should message me to learn how to do so. I just ask that you do not share items with other players, so as not to ruin the survival experience.
  5. Several mods add the same type of ore to the game. Each of these ores, for instance the three different types of copper ore, should be interchangeable in recipes. However, because their item IDs are different, they will not stack. They may also produce a different ingot depending on the mod used to smelt them. I have disable all but one type of each ore but these changes only affect new chunks.


The necessary files have links below. The installation instructions, for those unfamiliar with forge mods, are in post two. If using the Technic Launcher do not download Forge or the Modpack. If a link is unavailable, please inform me.
All mods are used by permission of the author or in accordance with their licensing agreement. Such licenses can be found on their sites found here. Wikia’s for the mods can also be found.

Minecraft Forge
(Use the latest build. Also use the .exe installer. Not the .jar file)

Google Drive and Dropbox

Custom Mob Spawner (Don’t extract)
Mediafire is the official download location. If you don’t wish to use Mediafire, it can be found elsewhere. Use version 3.3.0

Mo’ Creatures (Don’t extract)
Download the .zip file at the bottom of the post. People without an ad blocker with see a different link at the top.

Client Mods (optional)
Google Drive and Dropbox
Contains Xaero’s Minimap, Inventory Tweaks, and NEI

Any player who wishes to see additional mods added should create a post here. You should post a link to the mods official page, a brief description of the mod, and why you like it. We will research the mod and decide whether to add it. Everyone have fun.


Installation for Technic Launcher

Note: Technic installation is broken as of 4-18-15. Please use the manual installation for now.

  1. Download the launcher here. Install and sign in as normal. Go to the modpacks tab. In the search bar, paste this link ( Select install and the modpack and minecraft version will be installed. Exit the launcher.
  2. Download Mo’ Creatures and CustomMobSpawner at described above. Place the .zip files in the mods folder (C:\Users\Notorious\AppData\Roaming.technic\modpacks\f7-lans\mods)
  3. If you wish to use the client mods, place them in the same folder, or merge, after extraction.
  4. It is recommended to increase the ram allocated to Java. In the top right of the launcher, enter launcher options and navigate to the Java settings tab.

After that, the entire thing should work. The installation process should be much simpler.

Manual Installation

The newest version of the Minecraft Launcher is required for Forge.
It is highly recommended to start with a clean install of Minecraft. To do this, delete the .minecraft folder in appdata. (Found at C:\Users******\AppData\roaming.minecraft) Hidden files must be enabled. The setting is in the Control Panel.

  1. Launch the Minecraft Launcher and sign in. In the bottom-left click “edit profile.” Near the bottom, under “use version” select release 1.7.10
  2. After the files have been downloaded, exit the launcher and use the forge installer. Select install client and wait for the process to finish.
  3. Relaunch the Minecraft Launcher. In the bottom-left, click the down arrow near your profile name. Select the profile named Forge. Click play to go to the Minecraft menu. This will create necessary folders for forge.
  4. Navigate the the Minecraft folder. (Found at C:\Users******\AppData\roaming.minecraft) Extract the folder in the modpack and merge folder with the minecraft folder, the one called mods. Copy and paste CustomMobSpawners and Mo’ Creatures directly into the mods folder. Do not extract.
  5. If you wish, download the client mods and place them in, or merge, with the mods folder after extracting.

If everything was done correctly, you should be able to connect to the server at this point. The server name is and the IP address is Either should work. If one doesn’t, try the other.

Players who are having problems installing either Forge or the modpack should message me. If I am not available, a simple google search can usually help troubleshoot most issues.

Known Issues

  1. Could not connect to server using server name. Had to connect using IP address.
  2. Problems with CustomMobSpawners and Mo’ Creatures. They were installed correctly but they still weren’t working. I believe this issue was related to downgrading and then modding a previous Minecraft install. I strongly suggest using a clean install, regardless of issues. The problem resolved itself after several tries without having to reinstall.
  3. It may be impossible to use the modpack with 32-bit Java. You can determine the version Minecraft uses by looking at the launcher log tab in the Minecraft Launcher. There should be a line which says System.getProperty(‘’) == ‘64’ for the 64 bit version.


I’m trying to hit the creative server and I am getting a connection refused. Anyone know anything about that? I was able to hit it about 2 days ago without any issues.


You can come play with us!


Holy christ, ph34rbot is alive.


I could but I don’t want to deal with actually mining shit and fighting off creepers. I would rather just build stuff.


ph34r said there is still a way to play in creative on the survival server. Ask him about it if you want creative mode.


Oh fuck, Thaumcraft. If I can ever figure out how to mod all of this shit in, I will be all about this.


There is a way to play creative. Just contact me @Carl_Bananas.

As an update. There were issues with the server this morning and the world was corrupted forcing a reset. The server is back up.


Carl, with the mods we have at our disposal we can set your individual character to be creative (aka, spawning blocks out of nothingness, invulnerability, etc) Similarly there are ways to disable mob spawning in a given area. This was our concession to having a linked server where people could have the adventure of modded minecraft while still playing with others who simply wish to build stuff. The catch is that in order to do this, you and an admin will need to be online at the same time when we do this the first time, afterwards you should remain in creative mode forever (unless you choose to toggle back to adventure/survival mode)


Noep. I broke muh game. I’ll try again tomorrow, I suppose.


@ph34rbot can you just zip up your minecraft install and throw it on the forums?


I could but I can’t guarantee that it will contain every necessary file. I don’t think any files are written to the registry or similar but I’m not sure.

Edit: It doesn’t seem to work. I need to delete the profile file to keep others from accessing my account but it also removes the Forge profile that is installed by forge. I’ve been looking into using the Technic Launcher but I’m still working on it.

Edit2: I think I got Technic working.

  1. Download the launcher here. Sign is as normal. Go to the modpacks tab. In the search bar, paste this link ( Select install and the modpack and minecraft version will be installed. Exit the launcher.
  2. Download Mo’ Creatures and CustomMobSpawner at described above. Place the .zip files in the mods folder (C:\Users\Notorious\AppData\Roaming.technic\modpacks\f7-lans\mods)
  3. If you wish to use the client mods, place them in the same folder, or merge, after extraction.

After that, the entire thing should work. The installation process should be much simpler.


We’re still working on some issues related to lag but everything else seems to be working well.

Now that people can use Technic for most of the installation, I hope to start seeing more people try it out.


Holy cow all the work! I was only on the server for 5 minutes after getting everything set up, but I look forward to future explorations! Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the work you fellows have put in to the system. \m/


yesssssss, thank you phear.


Edit: This update is now outdated. See below for version 1.02

Several of the mods received updates over the weekend. I packaged them together. Those who have everything installed can extract and add the mods to their mods folder. Afterwards, delete the previous versions. There are 8 mods in total.

I’ll add a Google Drive link and update the initial download links later today.

Edit: Here’s the Google Drive link.

I’ve also updated the full installation links.



was that technic pack updated as well?


It was but let me know if there’s any issues. All I have to do for the Technic Launcher is change the download link.

I’m going to be creating another updated package which @f0rkz will probably be able to add tomorrow.