Sven Co-Op Released on Steam


#Let’s Play Half-Life!

To continue the trend of resurrected old games, an old mod from the days of Half-Life just had its 5.0 update and with it a release to steam!

Sven Co-Op has an interesting take on the classic shooter Half-Life and all of its predecessor updates (Uplink, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force) by adding co-op play. You can play the classic Half-Life games with your friends in this free to play mod.

In honor of Sven Co-Op’s release on Steam, we have brought up some dedicated servers. Jump on our discord server and get some games in! This throwback is a diamond in the rough.

Our Servers

Find us by searching for in the server browser, or directly connect to one of our two dedicated servers:


Hello! I was wondering what the password was to your Sven coop 4 server is. I would really love to show my friend a complete playthrough of half life without having a lot of people just join and speed run through. Thanks in advance


Welcome to the forums @OG_Tommy_Salami! Thanks for posting.

The password for Sven Coop 4 is dickbutt feel free to utilize it and hang around our forums. We are a good group of people! Bring your friends!


We are very aware of server instabilities and have opened a thread with Sven Coop’s forums to try and get them to hammer them out:


Thank you so much!