Steam Summer Sale 2016 Thread


It’s time for wallets around the world to scream in pain once more. The rumored Steam Summer Sale start date is June 23rd.

What’s everyone hoping to pick up?

Me, I’m looking at the Fantasy Grounds Ultimate Upgrade, but I’d like to get at least 25% off.


Been holding out for Fallout 4 or GTA5 if the price is right. Not sure when I would get around to playing them, but Steam sale, right?


For me right now, there is only Overwatch. There will really need to be a bad ass deal for me to feel like spending any money because I’m not looking to play anything else right now.


Only looking to see if there is a deal on DOOM, and that deal has to be at least 50% off. That’s a long shot, but nothing else really interests me right now.


You know, even if I got a shot at doom 50% off, I’m still not sure I’d do it. The game looks fine, I just feel no draw towards it.


All of this. Except I do take Witcher 3 breaks when no one else is online yet…


I may need to look into this Overwatch game people keep talking about.


Yes, you do


Yup. You sure do! Start enjoying games with people again.


Overwatch hits 10 million+ players!


But, but, but…I just got addicted to Civ V.


I hear you, and I’m getting back into Skyrim as well. Sigh…so little time.


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