Some questions about F7lans


Okay, so i’ve been a member for ages and i’ve never actually interacted with F7lans in any way.

Could someone give me a quick summary of F7lans, what it is currently playing, and how i can get more involved?


Scarr, thanks for your interest in F7Lans.

First and foremost we are a group of like minded individuals who enjoy PC gaming, and more importantly, enjoy it with others. Our players tend to be older and more mature with many of us being students, professionals or even parents. Previously the major focus of our community had been around Team Fortress 2. While this title becomes less popular are users are slowly branching out to other titles. Off the top of my head our players currently are enjoying Dota 2, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Starbound just to name a few. No real title is off limits and we strive to facilitate our players needs in any way we can. Be it via our servers, forums or mumble voice com channel.

The reason we are called F7 Lans is because we host and participate in a serious of LAN parties every year. Our biggest being the Summer and Winter Intel LANFests held in Atlanta Georgia. We also will hold smaller LAN parties from time to time with our members. The majority of our members and all of our servers reside in Georgia. However, we have many members, including myself, who live in other states.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on trying to hold various events and giveaways throughout the year for our members and regulars. The most recent being the Xmas Xtravaganza that no doubt got you to our website today. Traditionally, these utilize funds we raise via supporters who donate to help keep us running and also receive great rewards for doing so.

To answer your question about how to become involved more you have already taken the first step. The most important part is to be active here on our forums as it is the central hub for F7Lans. Use it to get to know our members. If you have a game you are playing and you would love to have some company make a post and see if anyone else plays. If you have any requests or events in particular you think would be fun don’t hesitate to contact me directly and I’ll try to facilitate the best I can. Finally, you can join us on our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter to stay fully updated. I’ll provide the links to both below. Thank you for your interest in F7Lans and I hope I was able to answer some of your questions. Let me know if you have anymore questions and please don’t be a stranger.


Hey @scaarr, welcome to the forums and the obscurity that is F7. @SOCRATEZ explained things pretty succinctly and fairly. Clearly since we are a gaming community there is a considerable amount of shenanigans but most of the people are pretty frickin fantastic (and I am not including myself in that).

While the forums are an excellent way to interact with the group, I’d like to invite you to join us during the raffle (Dec 20th) and on our Monthly Gaming Night which is held the first Friday of every month (the next is Jan 3rd).

If you do, feel free to talk to/message any of us, add us on steam, or you know, come to a LAN. We are a fairly chatty bunch when we all get together.

We also respond well to bribes. Just sayin’.


Thanks alot for the feedback! I’ve been looking for a good excuse to get more into the ever popular league of legends and dota games. I’ll try to get more involved there now. I’m a mid 20s college student, so i’m glad i fit the bill for F7lans. I’m assuming mumble voice is similar to team speak? I’ll be sure to look into that.

@Voldenae: I’ll be sure to add you both here shortly. How do i participate in the raffle? Also, bribes are surely to come in time!

EDIT: Didn’t see you listed Voldenae. Is your steam name different?


Hey, there is an Xmas Xtravaganza forum post and all you have to do is comment and say you would like to be involved. There are also other ways you can earn additional tickets (like playing during the event, donating, etc), which are detailed in the post.

And I’d have to get confirmation on this, but I think we use mumble for certain games and we normally have all talk on during TF2 games, because screw strategy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: Yea air head moment, listen to what Soc said about the chat info. >_<


Yes, mumble is just like team speak. As Voldenae said, just visit the post and read up on the requirements to get involved in the raffle.


Don’t think the mumble server info is posted anywhere, really. Sounds like a post needed to be had.

Also, welcome to the forums @scaarr feel free to contribute to the madness!


So basically, bang bang, beans in the hole bitch. Then you throw up an f7 and spycrab out. yadig?

Also, Duffers and I are the resident League junkies, feel free to hop in mumble any time.


F7. It’s kinda like that.


Welcome to the fringes of the universe! We’ve told you somethings about us. I especially have to echo:


So, you should tell us some things about YOU.


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@Esca Im a degenerate punk rocker going through the eternal struggle of getting drunk over studying for calculus. I’m married and own a pig named hank. Hi

@Xiro Still trying to figure out the whole mumble server name thing.


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What are you studying, other than possibly not Calculus?

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C++/C# respectively, Comp 2, and american government.


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