Skype Group Chat?


Long time lurker but a bit curious to try something new. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that not a lot of people utilize Steam’s chat, probably because when most of us are on Steam we’re playing games/on mumble/on teamspeak.

So, I was thinking of designing something that’s a little outside of Steam-oriented where we can all chat in real time. I was going to suggest creating a Skype group where a lot of us can talk and get to know one another. I don’t know if this has been suggested before, if it has I’ll delete this afterward. It’d be nice to meet some like minded people and make a more intimate group within this even larger community.

As for myself, I’m pretty much into space games, physics, science, space, etc. We could make a lot of friends with each other that way. I am in my mid 20s, just graduated from University, and been looking for people who have just the same amount of passion for these kind of games (or programming in general). It’d be nice if there were people of all the same age group (someone could make a Skype chat that’s for high schoolers, college goers, etc). I don’t know if this will have a good reception, but I just wanted to throw that out there for any of you that could be interested.

If you’re interested, please send me a message of your Skype name, and we can get you added!


Welcome to the forums dude (or at least first posting)! Most of us idle in the F7 Mumble ( a lot of the time and just chat about crazy shit (sometimes so much that we forget to actually game at all). All ideas are good ideas, however I think we get the same kind of functionality you are talking about in the way that we specifically use mumble.

Also from your list of interests, sounds like you will fit in just fine around here.


My kind of guy! Space games are my jam! Its a shame there aren’t enough on the market right now…

Welcome to the forums! Glad to see some lurkers posting out there. Like @freeb1rd said, we hang out in mumble a lot. There are other avenues for talking during the day like IRC.

By curiosity, how did you find out about our little corner of the internet?


Yep! Welcome all that ^^ jazz. We’re excited to see new faces (fingers?) always!

Not all of us have webcams attached to things that we’d be willing to attach to our faces. So, the mumble works just like skype, only more public. \m/ You’re welcome to join anytime.


ohai dere


Welcome to the forums and I hope to see you around more often going forward.


Hi and thank you~

I guess the reason I was proposing Skype versus Mumble because 1) I don’t typically want to talk on voice when I hang out, and 2) Mumble gives me a headache. There’s no way I would want a webcam on, haha.

Thank you all for the welcome!


Then enter IRC channel.


Considering I only put pants on if I have to go to work I don’t think anyone wants that.


Seconded. Fuck pants.


I am pretty much like Murray Goldberg when I get home. Pants come off as soon as I am in the door. Welcome.


I guess it would help to link to the IRC channel thread in case people don’t like scrolling down through the latest topics.

IRC Info