September Game Night

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The votes are in and the masses have spoken. Killing Floor 2 will be the game of choice for the upcoming game night, which is the second weekend of the month on September 11th.

We have a slew of servers, so there are plenty for everyone, just meet us in mumble a few minutes early to organize a specific party if you want one.

Also, if you haven’t seen it we have another even going on this weekend, as Killing Floor 2 is free to play this weekend and TripWire is offering a discount on the game for the people who have not had a chance to pick it up and wish to continue to play after this weekend. Also, F7Lans has a small event going on where you might just be able to win a key for a copy of your very own!!!

You can check out the official event information here. Feel free to join us this weekend for the event, and next weekend for the official game night event!!


My sword is ready!


Bumping so that our peeps from Dragon Con get the heads up for this weekend.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing stories!!



Just sayin.



All caps post is not descriptive!


Thanks @rew1red, @f0rkz, @freeb1rd, @clickfire, @ph34rbot, @Voldenae, @KorbenD for coming out! It was a ton of fun. Birthday room shenanigans FTW.


Birthday room best room.


So when are we doing it HOE?