Sapphire 290x


I have a chance to score a sapphire reference 290x that was a light mining card (no temps over 70C), for $285. Should I jump on it? I plan on adding a second soon and then upgrading to a 1440p monitor. I need an upgrade for my aging 6950. Or should I wait for Nvidia 900 series?


freeb1rd gave me some sound advice when I did the same thing with buying used mining cards. Have the owner test it with Furmark and a temp check with a few hours running UEngine Heaven. I’ve always had the philosophy that you should upgrade when you deem possible because you should always have waited 2 weeks.

$285 for that card is a good price.


Yea evidence of stress test with temp graphs and error report would be awesome to have before buying. But yea honestly if it were me I would hop on that. That’s a pretty killer price for that card man.