!S just found F7 Quick Hello and info about me


Hey! Havent seen any other posts of this sort so im just going to go for it. My name is Snorting, I hail from the great suburb of Tucker. As i understand it F7 is an Atlanta or SE based based group? Im strictly a PC gamer and have been into open world games lately I spend most of my time playing WWIIOL but also dabble with Planetside, EuroTruckSim2, and am looking forward to the new Battlefront. I play on a RoG Asus G55.

TF2 the best way to get game with you all i take it? Looking forward to playing with some locals.


Welcome to the community. TF2 used to be our most popular game but recently this has changed. Many of us are playing Killing Floor 2 but just as many of us are playing many different games (Dota 2, Counter Strike, Rocket League etc.). The best way to get a game with us is probably to add everyone on steam by heading over here and also hanging out in our public mumble by heading over here.

Again, welcome to the forums. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.


Eyyyy Lilburn resident here!


Holy crap! I didn’t know WWII Online was still active! How is it nowadays?


I haven’t checked out MGSV yet, though I did dl TF2 last night and find it enjoyable. WWIIOL is ok, population is low but they have a free to play and they’re doing a special all month for free accounts. Find me in game snorting/dopesick.

I most likely just drove past your place I live at JCB and Williams and cruised down rockbridge to a friends place.


Yup, I am off of Rockbridge and Arcado road. Small world! Small internet!


Well what games do you play?


Eve Online, Rocket League, GTAV, Killing Floor 2, and anything else that strikes my fancy in my steam library


Rocket league looks like it might be cool


Its a lot of good fun. We usually get on and play when we get bored of other games. Join us in mumble sometime!


Working on that right now, Space engineers looks up my alley too, is that multiplayer?

Here’s a couple of my WWIIOL vids, the first is continuous play the second is all money shots. Enjoy!


Sure is! We had a server for a while, but we are holding off for the inevitable planets update to hit.


Welcome to our little corner of the internet, thanks for the intro!!

You didn’t list it, so I’m almost sure you don’t have it/aren’t interested, but this Friday we are having one of our Game Night events where we just hang out, game, chat, and catch up with one another.

Even if you aren’t into the game, feel free to come hang out in mumble and chat with us!!


Logged into the mumble a few times, haven’t seen anybody else yet.


We usually congregate around 9:00-9:30 PM EST.