rew1red's Road Rig


So we’re doing rigs now, eh? Fine, I’ll bite.

But I’m going to add my little twist to this: how I transport my rig. As a network engineer for Gamers Outreach, LANFest and PAX, I find myself trucking it across the country a couple time a year for LANs. How do I deal with this? The road rig.

Obligatory Writeup

Case: SilverStone SG08B-LITE
CPU: Intel Core i7-4770S (Quad-Core @ 3.1GHz)
Memory: 16GB DDR3 (PC3 10666)
Graphics: MSI 660TI OC
Motherbaord: Gigabyte GA-Z87N
PSU: Silverstone 450W
SSD: Samsung 840 Evo (500GB)
HDD: 2TB WD Something
Cooling: Corsair closed-loop water cooling

The case: a Pelican 1620. Obvious signs of road wear.

Monitor on top


Space for computer, headset, keyboard, mouse, and cables


I’m not proud of this part-- but I am happy with how everything ‘fits’

The full package (plus an extra monitor)


Really like the pelican rig. Sure beats my laptop in a bag method of travelling, but then again, I hardly travel. The most I’ve moved my rig is to LANFest lately.

Hats off to you sir. Also, sorry about your monitor from last night :frowning:


It was either the pelican case or a gaming laptop. And I’m too cheap for a separate gaming laptop :wink:


Me too. My M15X is way too old now, but it had a great run!


I need to get one of these pelican cases


Definitely liking the pelican case. Would you say it was a worthwhile investment? Granted I hardly travel enough to warrant buying one


It sure as heck was for me. I think traveling twice or more a year with it (by plane) made it worth it within the first year or two. I probably would have done it even with one flight a year, personally.

Lifetime warranty is also a big plus on Pelican cases.


Lifetime warranty does add to it. I’ll have to remember this brand if I ever need to get a solid case for travel.


Pelican is the only way to go for sure. I’m going to be getting one for my rig here soon.


My pelican case is my car. And by car, I mean back seat, and by back seat I mean EVERYTHING FUCKING RATTLING ALL OVER THE PLACE.


Can’t see that working so well on an aircraft… :wink:


Nice. I’m actually re-speccing my workstation to fit into a smaller case -a Silverstone GD10.

On a related note, does anyone want my retarded 1994 huge like xbox Micron case when I’m done?


Yes, for to-be-filmed destruction for F7 Propaganda purposes. Call it a public execution if you will.


Lol. I’m not bringing it to the LAN. Once I build the smaller PC, I’m putting it in a suitcase and riding the train downtown.


Nah I wasn’t expecting you to bring it down to the LAN duder. We can figure something else out.


Whelp, since rew1red posted his rig…here’s the making of my pelican (Bonus, you get to see the head of my adorable puppy):

Also, now that I’ve got this, I use it as a foot rest at LAN Parties and also at home while I’m working. It’s literally the perfect height for me, its awesome.


Did you use spray adhesive in between the pre-made layers. If so, what kind?


He used a 3M foam adhesive. I had that before the custom cut foam I did-- was a damn mess! But it did work.


I used the 3M Foam Fast 74 Spray. It works, and honestly I’m glad I did it for the pick-n-plug foam I have. I’d strongly recommend it for the default foam you get with the Pelican. Winston got new phone for his that seems to work really well however. He ended up cutting it, don’t think there was any gluing for that one.


Oh, with the Foam you do have to be careful and let it thoroughly dry. So planning ahead and letting the foam sit outside hte case for a VERY long time is necessary. I wasn’t careful enough and sometimes when I travel I pull out my computer and I’ve got the spray foam on my case. It rubs off but can be a pain in the ass.