Radio Shack "deals"


So, as many of you probably know, Radio Shack is finally kicking the bucket. They’re closing around 1,300 stores while 150 of their corporate stores are staying open. Those stores that are closing, are selling things at 20% to 60% off. While I used to go to Radio Shack in the late 90’s to get 40mm fans to screw on to my Voodoo3 and TNT2, I haven’t found a reason to go back since they sell what most other electronic component stores do at 3x the price. Yesterday, I mapped out all of the Radio Shacks in my area and hit them up. While most of them still had shelves full of DIY LED kits and overpriced quadchoppers, I did manage to find one that had a couple things worthy of picking up at a price that wouldn’t induce Radio Shack nipple rubbing.

Garmin Nuvi 42 LM mobile GPS with Lifetime Maps. $60

Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone. $20

My dad is turning 60 on the 18th and hates smartphones but likes having a GPS, so I picked that one up for him. The microphone was just a ‘fuck it why not’ kinda purchase. It’s hideous, huge and looks like Atlas from Portal 2. I tested it out in CS:GO and my teammates say that the clarity is much better than the microphone on my G430 headset.


Now if only I knew where the hell a Radio Shack was around here.



Apparently there is a radioshack near my house that I never knew existed. o.0 Hmm. Might have to go check it out. Thanks for the heads up. \m/


:smile: This defines most of my steam sale purchases.

I have a Radio Shack ( little hole in the wall ) in a strip mall near me. Guess I’ll have to drop in and see. Have lots of memories of my dad dragging me to RS when I was a kid for some electronic whiz thing or another. Now another icon of my youth fades away into the sunset. :cry:

Think I need a steam sale to make me feel better.


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