I’ve been offline for so long some of you might have thought I was dead, or worse throwing all my money in the toilet building a racecar well as it seems the ladder is true. after dropping $1200 in parts on my BMW to fix a ludicrous oil leak in less than 2 hours I was backed into and my car was totaled I decided to embark on a journey I had set my eyes on to almost 4 years ago, building a turboed race car.

I had my eyes on a few cars ie. Evo 8 / 06 WRX or STI / RX-7 FD / and a few others, but one of my dream cars was a 2003 sonic yellow bugeye WRX a car which only ever had 1500 imported into the entire US and after over 4 years of looking with no luck one of the two in Georgia went up for sale apparently the previous owner had lost his license due to a super speeding ticket, and was forced to sell his car. I drove all the way to Hartwell that day and after looking at it I noticed it needed a lot of work.

the previous owner had done a JDM motor swap and messed it up big time with these cars you have to swap the camshafts cam gears crank gear and intake manifold with USDM ones in order for it to run correctly and not leak oil and he had only done one cam gear and manifold and the massive oil leak had ruined many things. That being said it was my first chance and probably my only chance to own one of my dream cars so I bit the bullet and bought the car.

step one diagnosing the oil problem.

I was forced to remove the engine to replace all the JDM parts with USDM ones and in doing so I found out the fuel lines had been crushed and would needed to be replaced. OK could be worse I thought and boy it was I then found that the huge oil leak had leaked into the turbo and ruined it as well as EVERY bolt in the engine bay was stripped I had to torch out all of them and re thread each one. then when I thought what more could go wrong the previous owner had attempted to do whats called a TGV delete and messed it up so time to fix that and after that the wastegate was also cracked so it wouldn’t have held boost. Well time to fix all of it.

stage 2 fix and performance upgrades
At the same time as fixing all this I decided to upgrade it as well I went with stage 2 STI cams to replace the faulty JDM ones. A full Front mount intercooler kit with custom piping to replace the old and worn top mount. a K&N Intake, a grimmspeed 3 port electronic boost control solenoid, a HKS Blow off valve, Cobb Downpipe, Perrin Uppipe, and full 3" straight pipes.

stage 3 extra upgrades
Now with the engine fixed and pro tune done it was time for some handling upgrades. slotted rotors brembo ceramic pads, CXRacing coilovers, VIS carbon Fiber hood and scoop and front splitter, side stakes, rear seat delete and trunk delete, BBS rims, sticky racing tires, and a turbo timer.

stage 4 honing in the handling
with all the parts for my initial upgrades done It was time to get the suspension dialed in and the tires aligned. I had it set up with -2.5 degrees camber in the front and -1.5 in the rear with the suspension set up stiff for racing but soft enough to be a tolerable drive

Stage 5 the final product
After a quick wash it was time for a photoshoot of the final product

The final product is pushing just over 300HP and 320 Torque and I couldn’t be happier that being said I will soon be upgrading the turbo, fuel pump, and injectors and pushing it to 400HP and 400 Torque :slight_smile:


Wow, nice breakdown. I wish I had the forethought to take pictures when i do mechanic work…

Helped my brother change his starter a few weeks ago…maybe not as glamorous.

We had a few around from other 300D’s (We keep a family fleet of old Mercedes) no big deal…

Well, his was a California version, (modified exhaust) which makes everything backasswords.
Pulling it apart truly revealed everything was different and nothing we had could be used to fix it.
Had to end up getting a used California one to replace it.

I recently “upgraded” to a really nice blue 85 300D. My brother made it into a manual before I got it so it’s a joy to drive. So far so good, I’ve not had to do much major mechanical work on it at all. I modified it to run on straight vegetable oil, redid the AC and stereo, but nothing really crazy. Racecar it is not, but I get a kick out of driving it.


Meanwhile I got my crummy ol 2002 saturn. Putterin along. I’m not honestly sure I’d even know how to go about driving a car with that much kick.


Very nice.