Poll: Killing Floor night?


Who would be interested in a Killing Floor night? I’ve set up a server, but left it shut down as interest in some of the older zombie games have dwindled. I would personally be interested, but want to know if we could fill a couple servers.

  • I would love to play
  • I wouldn’t like to play
  • I am interested in another game (post it below)


I would be interested depending on the day.


Since we do the monthly TF2 night on the first Friday of each month, what about dedicating a Friday later in the month to the KF night?


Sounds great, I would be highly interested.


Perhaps as opposed to simply being a Killing Floor night specifically, we make it an ‘other games’ night, with the first one just incidentally being Killing Floor? That way we can leave our options open in months to come?


I’m all for Killing Floor game night as well as game nights for any and all games. We just need suggestions of games people would be interested in.


Quake dm night. nuff said


At the risk of potentially downing the attendance to TF2 night, if two nights month are too much for some to juggle, we could just have a dedicated game night if that works better for some people.

That being said…

Personally I am completely down with multiple nights a month, it gives people a greater chance to connect with each other since there are more opportunities. It also makes it easier because if you can’t make it to one you can make it to another.
It could also promote new server attendance if we’re on more frequently.


Going to be playing some tonight, the ladyfriend picked it up today on le sale.


I’m not sure how I didn’t see this forever ago…

I would put money on @Super_Cereal voting for a Quake game if we can get that set up. Maybe we can make it a special holiday event (when we’re finally on break and can stop going places) .