Personal Cloud Storage


I’m no hardware expert but I was thinking about getting a personal cloud storage device to use on my home network instead of a external drive hooked into the USB port. How much better is hooking up a personal cloud storage device like this than using a standard external hard drive on the USB port of a router?


How much storage are you looking to export? f0rkznet has “cloud” storage available.


I’m just looking to keep stuff on my home computers backed up and readily accessible. Itunes, home movies and pics, bootleg movies that I get from my neighbor. Stuff like that. It seems like adding large amounts of data at once to the external drive on the router seems to cause the router to shut down after an hour. Reading off of the drive seems quite slow also. Currently I only have about 250 gigs of stuff on my external drive but as I take more and more home videos over the coming years I will begin to use more and more.


Amazon offers unlimited cloud storage for about $5 a month. It is currently the cheapest commercial cloud storage available.


Well, I talked to someone here at work about my issues and apparently my router does not have a USB 3.0 port so that has probably been my chokepoint on transferring data. I may upgrade to a wireless ac router and see what that does to my ability to transfer files back and forth.