PC Gaming Overtakes Consoles


Good news everybody! PC gaming continues to gain grounds and becomes more and more popular. How can it not when you consider all the amazing benefits? Cheap games, Mouse + Keyboard, Hosting and Operating your own servers. The list goes on. Keep the rising trend going and go play some games with your fellow F7ites. May I suggest some TF2 this Friday?



Lets pretend this article isn’t three years old and use it as shameless advertisement to play TF2 this Friday.


Fine, how about an article from a day ago?


Wish I could be there Friday but I have Mom coming into town. She will be getting a jump on her grandmotherly duties of buying tons of shit for my soon to be daughter. Someone shoot someone else in the head for me!


Well the upside here is you’re going to get a lot of free stuff for your daughter and I won’t have to put up with you lobbing explosives at me. Sweet! :wink:


I like how that article referred to the original article that was three years old and followed up with a link to buy the research that is now three years old.


Do I have to go get IRB approval for my own research project to satisfy you Clickfire?


I would join you in doing a research project into computer gaming. That actually sounds enjoyable.


Mistake #1, thinking research is ever enjoyable.