Overwatch: The f0rkz review!


Where to start with this game… I have sacrificed all of my free time this past week to play the Overwatch Open Beta. Needless to say, Blizzard hit a grand slam home run with this title. It is so good, it will have you and your buddies awe struck aside from strategic chatter and laughter about how bad or how well that play just went. The array of heroes keeps the game from getting stale hour after hour while you try new strategies and team compositions to push the objective to victory.

On the note of character design, who doesn’t love the cartoonie and addictive design of these heroes?

This masterpiece of a game captured everything that was good about a team based shooter and cranked that formula full of crack cocaine just to the point of overdose. There are a lot of parallels between this game and Valve’s dying title Team Fortress 2. Overwatch made me giddy just like that time I over drafted my bank account to preorder the Orange Box just to play TF2 a few days before release. I didn’t care, and I wanted the fabled sequel to Team Fortress Classic we all deserved. In comparison, Overwatch is like that, but multiplied by the mass of 100 trillion VY Canis Majoris. Its that good. Sure, label me as a fanboy, I really don’t care. If you missed out on this title, you lost the game, friend.

So why does this game overshadow TF2’s popular run even while in beta? Dedication to detail, the perfect balance between heroes, awesome ultimate powers to burn down the entire team, but most of all, getting a play of the game after a grueling well paced match that keeps your adrenaline pumping. Nothing is more satisfying to see you tipping the scales to win the match for your team. Pop that bubbly, gents! Its time to celebrate (and play more Overwatch). Unless you are Bastion and just mow down the entire team. That’s easy mode.

Overwatch comes out of the gate to release with a very large array of well designed maps and personality rich heroes to keep gameplay constantly enjoyable. I highly recommend this game to you, your cat, and your sister’s cat.

“Cheers, love!” 10 out of 10, game of the year 2016.