Overwatch Beta Weekend Stream


This weekend marks the first major stress test for the upcoming Blizzard hero based FPS “Overwatch” and I was lucky enough to snag myself an invite.

BOOOOO! HISSSSSS! I know, I know. But, since this weekend is likely to be an Overwatch filled weekend for me, I’ve gone ahead an set up my rig for streaming so you can catch the action with me ALL WEEKEND LONG. Just head over to our official F7Lans Twitch page located here to watch all the footage.

The weekend long event officially kicks off tomorrow but in the meantime I’ve gone ahead and included a little sneak peak of my first nights Overwatch stream. Enjoy, and I hope to see you around in Twitch this weekend!



Edit: Done! Jesus 9 hours? Where did the time go?


And a total of 12 hours played in the first day. Guys, I have a problem. Thanks for everyone who turned out to the Twitch stream. We will do it again tomorrow!


Day 2 STREAM IS LIVE! Come join us to get in on some hot Overwatch action and to support the stream!

Edit: DONE, for now. So much fun the servers shut down for maintenance. We will be back in action as soon as the servers are back online.