Official Overwatch Thread



Just downloaded the game last night to check it out and I found it ran really good with no real play issues for me so far. However, in the menus I find the button focus to be off. Meaning I have to move the mouse cursor around way off of a button to actually select that button. Anyone else encountering those issues with the interface? I know it’s in beta and is to be expected, I’m just curious if it’s widespread. I am rather impressed with the game play though.




Not me!


bl3nd #1518


Overwatch is a thing in this house


Did you guys steal that from a gamestop or something? Also its a little hard to estimate the height in cat units, about 4 feet?


maybe we could get a banana for scale?


I’m 5’3" and it comes up past my eyes a little, so Im gonna go about 5’ even. The cat is apparently, not to scale, lol


The local game stop was giving it away on release day for some unknown reason. They offered it to a friend of ours who let us know about it.