Official Mumble Server

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F7Lans is pleased to announce our new official public Mumble server. No password is required to join so please feel free to invite your friends and use it for all of your communication needs. Please keep in mind that our general rules are applicable in this server and people who are found to be repeatedly violating them will be banned.

Port: 64738

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Since a lot of people aren’t familiar with mumble, here is a short ethics and howto.


Rule Number 1

If you are using speakers USE PUSH TO TALK

Rule number 2

If you are using headphones USE PUSH TO TALK

Rule number 3


There are some exceptions if you are playing a game like rocket league and cannot bind a push to talk button. If you are doing that use voice activity and tune it correctly! The tutorial below will show you how.

Rule number 4

If you are being abusive in any manner or go on to ‘troll’, we will just ban you. Be warned, we don’t really care if you hang out with your friends here or whatnaut. If you are an unfamiliar member (don’t post in the forums and just mooch our bandwidth for mumble) we will ban you and not think twice about it. Sorry. But that’s the hard facts. We would rather not hear about how you put cat’s in a trashbag and suck all the air out. You’re not “edgy” or “funny” you are just a sad strange little man.

#The Howto!#

So you want to get on mumble, eh? Here’s a quick tutorial on how.

Step 1: Get the client

Download the client for your operating system here:

Install it like you would any other program.

Step 2: Run it!

For your first run, you will be given a tutorial. Here’s what you need to do for the tutorial.

Here’s the first screen you will see:

Click next to begin the tutorial.

This next section is important. Mumble doesn’t always play nice with the default audio devices in windows. Specifically select your device you will be using for Input and Output.

Like so:

If you selected the correct audio device, you will start hearing stuff in your headphones. Chances are 50ms will be fine for the next option. If you want to tune it more, just follow what the tutorial says.

You will now get the option for Volume tuning. This window will allow you to set a silence threshold for your microphone. Talk like you would if you were trying to be quiet. A simple few sentences would work. Hell, you can just read this step outloud.

You may notice the mic is too low to even register on the default. You may need to boost your microphone volume to increase this.

Another test is to make sure your typing sounds are under the capture threshold. Make sure you test typing and that the microphone threshold is ignoring it.

Here’s what it looks like for me tuned properly. The microphone is not registering my typing in the green zone, but registers my voice in the green zone.

Since you will be using push to talk this option is not necessarily important, but if you ever switch to voice activity later, it is very important we don’t hear everything that goes on in your room, including our voices looped back on us. If you are looping back our voices, chances are we will yell at you to turn on push to talk or kick you if you refuse to make the changes.

This next screen will allow you to set the voice activity option. USE PUSH TO TALK. The input field next to the option will allow you to click to set a bind for your push to talk key. I highly recommend using Mouse button 3 (the thumb mouse button (commonly used for back function in a web browser.

Default settings work here just fine.

This next screen will screw your mind up. Its just showing how positional audio works. Click use headphones if you do not have a surround sound headset.

And you are done! Click finish and uncheck anonymous statistics if you want.

Step 3: Certificate Creation

You probably don’t have a certificate already created. Use the Automatic certificate creation option to create a certificate to use when connecting to servers.

Flick finish to finish!

Step 4: Get on our server!

You will now see the server browser. Chances are you will see the F7Lans Mumble in the United States list. You can connect to it that way, but it is easier to just add the F7Lans mumble server to your favorites.

Click Add New… and add the server. Here is what your screen should say. Obviously put your Username here.

If you have the user myusernamehere, I am going to just assume you are imbolent and cannot read.

Once you add the server, you should see it showing up in your favorites list:

Select it and click connect!

You will see the following message:

Click Yes.

Congradulations! You are now on our mumble server.

In closing

Remember to follow the rules. For reals, yo. We aren’t ashamed to use the ban hammer. We will use it and laugh when you cry to us later that you can’t get on.


Mumble has been shut down. In it’s place rises Discord!

Join it or be a square.