Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


Link me that NewEgg Toaster of a case you had at the LAN. That thing was rad.


They don’t sell it anymore, but there are still many like it.


That’s a neat case.


Let it be known:



Obviously descriptive.


Needs linux server support.


If it doesn’t come with at least 50 unique “Caulk” jokes I’m going to riot.


KF2 actually works really well with an Xbox controller. Takes a minute to get used to, but I can dig it.



Fill out the character survey!

From the KF 2 official facebook page.


Shit, I actually have to do research because I have no clue who any of these people are. I always used to just play as Foster.

Edit: Nevermind, I realized I could vote in whoever I wanted. I went with Harold Lott, Chickenator and Socrates from Bill and Ted.


Tonight, F7Lans formed it’s own religion. All hail the Snow God, peace be upon him.

July Game Night

Update from the PC Gaming Show. We will be getting an update called “Incinerate N’ Detonate” which introduces several hotly anticipated features to Killing Floor 2.

Known Features:

  • Two new maps
  • Two new perks (Firebug and Demolition)
  • Bunch of new weapons (Shotgun that shoots flames & RPG)
  • More support for custom maps
  • NO STATS RESET CONFIRMED! (All Experience in Early Access transfers to final release)


I am glad they decided not to muck the perk progression up. It really blows starting from normie status.


Sorry, I forgot to include the most important part. Trailer has been added to my post.



Firebug updates on the way!

"Firebug – BBQer extraordinaire, lover of everything that burns. Known tools of the trade:
Tier 1 – Caulk n’ Burn: Get close, get personal, burn its face off
Tier 2 – Trench Gun: Incendiary rounds make for a fiery start (and end) to most zeds
Tier 3 – Flamethrower: The classic burn baby burn
Grenade – Molotov : Area denial and bon party starter

Demolitions – If overwhelming firepower isn’t working, you aren’t using enough. Known tools of the trade:
Tier 2 – C4
Tier 4 – RPG 7"


I was hoping this was news on an upcoming release date or at least some more info on the maps or perks. Turns out its mostly just a rehash of the info they already relased at the PC Gaming show. Damn it, I need my fix.


Surely Tripwire will deliver.