Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


That should take at least three weeks :wink:


I’ll be done before the LAN. :smiley:


I’ll return to my place Saturday and would be up for some Killing of the Floors anytime.


@SOCRATEZ lies, I’ve changed the locks and won’t let him back in to play unless he slays the kraken.


The Kraken you say… f0rkz; I think you’re up!


So @rew1red and @f0rkz informed me that the next patch for KF2 will include A NEW MAP!!!

It’s called The Manor, Here is the link they sent me [CLICK HERE FOOL!!!][1]
It has screenshots. They prettyful.

Also, while perusing things, I found someone who posted a list of (supposed) leaked achievements that will also accompany the patch.

Here’s the leaked list of Achievements:

Lord Of The Manor - beat Manor on Normal difficulty

Queen Of The Castle - beat Manor on Hard difficulty

King Of The County - beat Manor on Suicide difficulty

Master Of Your Domain - beat Manor on Hell on Earth difficulty

Out Before We Get The Check - die on Manor in the first round

You’re Tryin’ To Hurt Me? - Be the last survivor of a 6-man round on Manor

The Woman Across The Block Has Nothing On - Kill 500 Stalkers on Manor

She’s Driving Me Crazy - Kill 500 Sirens on Manor

One Big Nude-O-Rama - Kill 1000 Clots on Manor

Caught With Your Pants Down - Kill 100 Fleshpounds and Scrakes before they can rage

The Queen Is Dead - (We’re getting a new/female boss? yay?)


Of the three people who do my job, I am the only one here for the second day in a row, and it’s a heavy load day.

I’m gonna have some aggressions I need to vent on unsuspecting zeds.

Who’s down?


I am game, but I would gather a group would be formed before I am able to play. No worries though, you’ll see me on mumble either way!


I may be able to be convinced but it will be hard to draw me away from Dota.


I’ll try.

You are basically playing valves version of “Lets be like Blizzard” and ignore our current franchise.

Then they figured out people actually like mindless clicking games.

And then money comes flowing in.






Great news everyone! We get the new content today!

Servers are updating now!


Oh holy shit snacks. Usual crew try to be on at 9 PM EST at the latest? Tonight…we raid the spooky manor.


I’ll be there! @rew1red has confessed his intention as well.


All these fresh brand new floors. Mine for the killing.



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A post for description is no post alone.


Have you heard the word of lord Satan today?


I’ve been rebuilding my rig for the last two nights so sorry I missed this. Tomorrow for sure.


Wait, what? I haven’t been near my computer in the last few days. Looks like stuff happens even when I am not around. I will try to get on but I would not count on me.