Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


If anyone is interested in purchasing Killing Floor but has not yet please respond. I have a voucher for the game via Green Man Gaming which will get you the game for 25% off. First come, first served with members taking priority.


Is that usable on Steam?


Yes, I believe you purchase on Green Man Gaming using my code for the discount and then you activate it via Steam. Would you like it?


They are getting smarter. No one is safe.


game night thinngy may 1st 9pm something something Facebook I just woke up…


I lold a little too hard on that.




Everyone knows the only way to kill a Scrake is to throw your money at it.


I can attest to this. He usually just takes it and goes away. Its the Vaes Dothrak way.


Tonight’s KF2 has birthed the Philosophers of Chaos, F7’s much needed metal band.

Now we only need to learn to play instruments. And to get a bad ass f7 logo.


Today’s patch notes…

Fixed healer screen not updating

Server browser:
Fixed max player count not showing on server browser
Added refresh indicator for server browser
Party leader can now bring their party with them when joining a passworded server
Fixed players not being able to join a server when using the Russian language

Adjusted door health and weld integrity values
Fixed single-load guns sometimes not hitting zeds after reloading
Fixed toggling Steam UI unpausing a paused, standalone game

Fixed medic with healing surge being unable to heal after level up
Fixed commando not receiving large mags bonus for current weapon
Fixed medic combatant skill giving armor every time the player switches to it
Fixed bug that allowed players at a skill unlock tier (5, 10, etc.) to change skills any time during game

Level design:
Fixed Hans getting stuck in firing range on Outpost
Fixed zeds being unable to navigate off new helipad
Fixed some minor art-related issues

Updated localization
Removed references to flashlights in SCAR, AK-12, and Bullpup descriptions

Fixed some third-person artifacting related to muzzle flashes
Fixed issues with flamethrower charring online

Fixed un-ending clot grab sounds
Fixed silent battle chatter for German and Russian (now uses English audio)
Fixed persistent muffled audio bug

Fixed issue with rebinding clicks with multiple commands (like fire/spectate next)
Fixed caps lock being un-bindable
Fixed voice chat binding blocking input

Fixed several exploits

Dedicated server:
Added servername and numplayers to window title
Fixed “-autoupdate” command (this will make the server check for a newer version and shut down if it detects one)

Additional gameplay crash fixes (we are still investigating and working on many of the launch crashes)

Feel better now?


How Zed Time works in Killing Floor 2 per Reddit user “cat_is_fine_too”.

Don’t quote me there, this research based on code analize and might include human error factor.
ZED Time in Killing Floor 2 happen during killing ZEDs or killing players. If ZED dies under other circumstances his dead also may cause ZED Time.
ZED Time duration is 3 seconds.
ZED Time is a timer (float value 3.0000). It goes down from 3.0000 to 0 and resets back to 3.0000 as long as player’s perk can do that.
ZED Time slows world to 20% of its speed (i.e. by 5 times).
Minimum interval between ZED Times is 10 seconds.
Base chances to get ZED Time are:
Player kills ZED (within 300 units of range) = 5%.
Player kills ZED (range >300 units) = 2,5%.
ZED kills player = 5%.
Commando extension = 100%.
Boss dies = 100% (duration - 6 seconds).
ZED dies under other circumstances = 5%.
In addition to base chances following events also has their chances to cause ZED Time:
Player kills 4 or more ZEDs with an explosion = 5%.
Player kills 2-3 ZEDs with an explosion = 3%.
Player kills ZED with a headshot (within 50 units) = 5%.
Player kills ZED with a headshot (range >50 units) = 3%.
Note 1: these chances are separate. You have 5% chance to get ZED Time when killing a ZED and same time you have 5% chance to get ZED Time upon headshot.
Following chances increases upon time if time passed since the last ZED Time is:
10 seconds - no ZED time chance.
10-30 seconds - normal chance.
30-60 seconds - 2 times better chances (x2).
60+ seconds - 4 times better chances (x4).
How it works:
Upon kill game rolls the dice (uses FRand() function that returns random float value between 0 and 1). Then game checks if this value is more or less than base chance (3% = 0,03, 5% = 0,05 etc.). If this value is less than base chance ZED time begins.
Code: (taken together in one paste from different classes).


I haven’t actually played yet, I’m waiting to play with you guys :3


Hop in mumble at 9:00 then. We form up usually nightly.


Time to enable Hyper-V and start installing VMs on that!


A wild @sp00nz appears!


So I hopped on KF2 a few minutes ago and wanted to kill some zeds, and I can’t get any servers to show up other than the f7 servers which I have favorited…and have no people on then atm. Anybody else had any of these issues lately?


I’ve seen this bug posted about in the past, but I thought they addressed it. I am sure it will be fixed :soon:


I’ll be on more again once I get through some of the wedding bidness we have to accomplish. This weekend at the latest I’m hoping.


I’ll be on more once I finish my adventure of playing through every Metal Gear game chronologically. I’m almost done with MGS2, I just need to play MGS4 and that wacky Raiden fighting game.