Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


Tripwire is in the process of adding more servers.

Also the complaints over this being a $30 EA game is pretty stupid.


I can guarintee we will have 10-20 servers spooled up for KF2 when linux support comes out.

Don’t fret, floor killers, we will have servers!


A wild fucking Wing Zero appears after like 10 years


Possible hint of the new look for The Patriarch found in game.




It’s time to conquer earth.


Ok, I’ll bend. I’ll spool up windows servers for this weekend.

I feel so dirty…


You should send that to John Gibson with the caption “This is what I do for love”.




Windows, Linux, Running off the Blood of Virgins. I don’t give a damn as long as I can get my Killing Floor on.


KF2 servers are up!

Look for: :: Killing Floor 2 :: [difficulty]
in the server browser.

Currently 4 servers up as follows: :: Killing Floor 2 :: Normal :: Killing Floor 2 :: Normal :: Killing Floor 2 :: Hard :: Killing Floor 2 :: Hard

Wave settings depend on matchmaking (I think).

I can password protect for members only if you guys would like. Thoughts?


We should have one of each with passwords I think.


I concur.

Going to splat up passwords in the members forum. HAH to you all you non members.


You able to do reserved slots?


No. Private server.


Damn! I like the thought of randoms but the ability to still get into game and force one out.


What, no Suicidal or Hell on Earth? Oh ye of little faith.


Not at the moment, no. It will hardly see activity.


So I thought the official release was in May, but the store page says “When it’s done”. I could have sworn months ago Steam said it was slated for May. Hmm.


The current plan for Early Access as per the devs is to shoot for release after 6 months in Early Access but of course this is subject to change and then plan to release “when it’s done”.