Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


I was having an issue where is would constantly try to connect without success. I downloaded and tried again and now it works so far.


24 hours remaining. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!


More appropriate:



Couple of hour long meetings then came home for the day to prepare my body for all the Floors that need Killing.


Game unlocks to be purchased in 3 hours! Good news is I’m at home, bad news is my neck is fucked up and I probably won’t be playing today. Need F7 healthcare now more than ever.


Don’t you fucking die on me! Not on my watch. NURSE, I need 500cc of Killing Floor 2 STAT! Damn it woman, I don’t care if it isn’t FDA approved, this man is crashing and he needs Killing Floor 2 NOW!



Purchase option is now live!

f0rkz hath purchased.


Purchased for myself and @Zadasolar!


Why did this game come out on a Tuesday? D=

Crazy work schedule is crazy. Sadface.


Yayyy purchased. Now I just need to find time to play.


Killing Floor 2 overtakes GTA V as the top purchase on steam.



Zed Dance Party!




Pretty sure we don’t have them yet.


I bought a copy for @SOCRATEZ as part of an early birthday present. Did not buy for self as I needed to engineer an egg safety rig out of straws and tape for work tomorrow. For Science. For reals this time guys.

Lab Week is serious bidness.

I’m super excited to see how many have gotten it though, Game Night is gonna be EPIC.


No linux support yet = no servers for us.


I read an article where they was saying that their playerbase for KF2 is massively exceeding the amount of servers - probably because of the slow Linux support tbh. Something along the lines of having 30,000-50,000 active players and less than 10,000 servers currently.