Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


And my pulverizer!


And my magic butt bullets!


Aren’t they technically my magic butt bullets??



Updated Team F7 Killing Floor 2 Beta Stats

Time Played: 91.3 hours
Difficulties Completed: Normal x3 + Hard x4
Highest Difficulty Attempted: Hell on Earth (4 men) Wave 2 with 53 Zeds Left


Apparently there will be no option to preorder and no ability to preload the game. This is per Steam’s Early Access rules.


Oh well, I will just have to get my computer set up so I can remote in to it from work and purchase and download while still at work.



Got a key from a random stream. I got a chance to play for like 5 minutes so far that’s cool I guess.


If you have the Steam app on your phone you can set it up to have your pc download games after you purchase them on the phone.


I used to have the app but it was a piece of shit that didn’t work right? I uninstalled it because it wouldn’t connect. I will have to try again to see if it works on the new android 5.0 OS.


I have Lollipop on my phone and haven’t had any issues with Steam. What problems were you having?



Never had any issues on my iPhones.


Me either, in fact, it is how I ninja bought @SOCRATEZ a game from work to surprise him. Apparently checking the notification caused him to die in Dota 2 and for some reason that is my fault.


You did well young padawan.


There are very few instances in which I find death in Dota acceptable. However, receiving a free game is one of them.


Developer on Reddit made the following comment about if we should keep or delete Beta files.

Keep them if you are getting EA. Steam does some neat download things (binary diff deltas), you will download a lot less.

Good to know but did he also just give a clue that more maps, characters or bosses may be coming with Day 1 Early Access? We will know soon.

Edit: Also, Objective Mode and Endless Wave mode will be coming. Voldenae apparently has noticed a few “gears” that glow green when she would go near them. Perhaps something required for the Objective Mode. I’ve not noticed them since I spend my games frantically running around trying to keep you clowns alive. Glad to see she has plenty of time to take in the sights and theorycraft.


Upset that the Beta has ended and you can’t play anymore Killing Floor 2? Don’t worry, Doc Soc to the rescue.


I wish I had taken the time to screen cap them while I was smelling the roses. Besides, who needs to focus on killing zeds when @SOCRATEZ is supposed to be keeping you alive?