Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


They are so fast!


Full blown marathon runners!


Obviously the Zeds got ahold of PowerThirst.


this is relevant. I mean it.


All these things I can’t watch while I am in class :frowning:


Well in that case…


I’m not playing KF2 right now. And that makes me disappoint.


Log the fuck on. Voldenae, F0rkz and myself are very disappoint right now.


Indeed. Shame on you.


I’m JUST getting dinner


We just beat the boss on hard mode!


Team F7 Killing Floor 2 Beta Stats

Time Played: 72.4 hours
Difficulties Completed: Normal x2 + Hard x1
Highest Difficulty Attempted: Hell on Earth (4 men) Wave 2 with 53 Zeds Left

Beta ends tomorrow. Early Access starts Tuesday 4/21. Hope to see you all in game then. If you are even slightly on the fence I’m sure all 6 of the beta players would 100% recommend it!


This is a true statement.



Fuck yea!


@f0rkz, @rew1red, @Tricky, @cha0s5150: one last hurrah with myself and @SOCRATEZ tonight???


When the hell are they going to open this up on steam for me to give them my money now so the game is in my library next week?


Either once this Beta ends or on April 21st


but i want to get rid of my money now!


I’ll be there.

…and my axe!