Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


wow, I didn’t mind the zweihander losing strong attack damage too much, but having the bash damage reduced that severely means we won’t be able to cleanly decapitate scrakes anymore. Hell, we may not even be able to decapitate husks at those numbers. that clean forward thrust was honestly the only thing the zweihander had going for it over the hammer. Guess I best start leveling up a new class.


Medic got hit pretty hard too because they reduced the armor healing so not sure if that would be worth it. Demo still doesn’t have a spammable grenade launcher otherwise I’d play that over Commando. I still don’t think gunslinger has the damage necessary at higher levels unless they can reliably knockdown scrakes and FP’s but we’ll see how it works. I’m not sure what you should pick unless you just pick one that fun, which is pyro.

I still think berserkers are necessary but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have two anymore.


New character in KF2, as modeled by @SOCRATEZ


Get your Alienware skin before they’re all gone!


And then there was this form…


Not worth it.


True story


I even tried and when I first opened the page it said over 5,000 keys were left. As soon as I signed up it said they were all gone, so yeah not worth it even more than you think. Fuck you Alienware.


Now I feel like I may have been one of the only people to get it with minimal heartache thanks to smurph email accounts. And I haven’t even bothered opening KF to look at it.


New update came out today.!.aspx