Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


Huge details about the all the mechanics that underlie the game. Fantastic read and a lot of good tidbits in there you may not know or understand.


Man playing demolitionist I was suspicious, but seeing the actual numbers on that grenade pistol vs launcher vs RPG. Seems a little absurd. The fact a clean shot with a pistol can output more damage than the grenade launcher seems a bit messed up. Just kind of reinforces my skipping the launcher and just waiting for rockets.


The updated discussed in last weeks WWAUT is now live. This is a required update for clients and servers. The changelog is as follows:

Adjusted music to pre-summer patch balance levels
Adjusted Trader audio muffling other sound effects
Adjusted Mr. Foster voice to be slightly louder
Updated Trader stat information on some weapons
Hans XP values updated. Significantly more XP for all difficulties
If a server has gone unranked it will be properly updated in the server browser

Bug Fixes
Fixed some issues with Strasser’s voice overs
Fixed an issue with 3d translations with the HUD manager for Hans’ intro scene at certain resolutions
Fixed an issue with 3rd person flame effects persisting after the pawn was destroyed
Fixed an issue where you could occasionally open the gear menu during the game
Fixed an issue where Hans had trouble pathing to players in Evacuation Point
Fixed an issue where the pop up for kick voting would persist after selecting a choice
Fixed an issue where Nuke wasn’t doing damage on dedicated servers
Fixed an issue where you could have multiple dualies and the 9MM at the same time
Fixed an issue where Hans would run out of ammo (was previously part of an opt in patch)
Fixed an issue where players that never readied up in a game in progress could earn achievements
Fixed an issue where the Husk’s flame didn’t collide with other zeds
Fixed an issue where the Vote Kicking UI would make other buttons unable to be clicked
Fix for client-side filter for full servers
Kick voting will now end if “No” votes have won instead of waiting for all votes

Unranked servers that use Actor Factory kismet action

Optimized NVIDIA Flex
Optimized code for CanDoStrike & CanMeleeAttack
Optimized shadowing effects (ShadowPrimitiveBoundsSizeCheck)
Optimized some post processing effects

Fixed several of the top crashes (General)
Fixed several crashes related to Flex

Oh my ears will be thrilled with the audio fixes.


I wonder if that issue with the husk shot was what made zeds do that weird sideways slide when they would shoot? I could understand if the zeds jumped out of the way but from my berserker tunnel vision they seemed to just… slide to the side.


I’m sure this will not be the last time I wish I could do things with 3d models and textures. I could have made myself mad tf2 hat money or something…

Should be a lot of fun when we start getting workshop content in the future.

Polycount Contest for Killing Floor, Guns 'n Gear

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I’ve discovered some rather interesting (to me anyways) intricacies to killing floor today. As I was playing on a server earlier, I completed a few rounds with field medic (level 6) and then swapped to my berserker (20). One thing I noticed was that, to my suprise, I still had the medic scalpel as my melee option, not the berserker’s lawnmower blade. A little fiddling around later, turns out the melee augments of the berserker simply apply to melee in general, and using the scalpel with berserker power, I was able to pull in quite a bit of field medic exp.

What really confused me was that I was on a multi person server, so my syringe base healing should have been just 20, but I appeared to be healing more? I suspect that something about spawning as a medic actually modifies the base stats of the healing syringe, and that you can then transfer the power to another class. since my field medic is only 6, I’m not entirely sure, but one of the stronger field medics should try playing the first round as a medic, and then swapping to something else. See if your syringe still heals for more health or not.


I wonder if that also applies to medic weapons purchased later?


I’m still in the experimental stages at the moment, My current hypothesis about the syringe healing more is that when you “spawn” as a medic, you somehow receive a syringe that is visually the same as any other syringe, but is augmented to be a “field medic” syringe. If this is correct I suspect you could do something similar with a support specialist to get an advanced welder. However my support specialist is only level 1 so I wouldn’t be readily able to tell any difference in the welding power.


Exploit those weakness, Click, for the good of all.


@SOCRATEZ mentioned this to me earlier and I’m surprised someone hasn’t posted on it yet (since the news is days old at this point, I’m just slow on the uptake)

Anywho, Tripwire is teasing their new map called the “Black Forest”

Tripwire Interactive has offered a tease of the next map coming to Killing Floor 2, and it takes players into the "murky woods to find something.

For those in the know, The Black Forest is a real place in Germany is where many of the classic tales of myth and legend take place, full of trolls, witches, sorcery, and werewolves. Grimms Fairy Tales have occasionally taken place there (Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood).

I do not think these classics at all have a part in their map, but a girl can dream.

There is no projected release date for this particular update as of yet.

Also, still reeeeeaaaaaaaally waiting to hear more about those new bosses Tripwire, just sayin.


Ohh god is this going to be the KF2 version of that forest bunker map from the first game? Can’t even remember what it was called but that stage was murder on the eyes. The lighting was just… awful…


And a freakin’ delicious cake. Srsly. Dat Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. om nom nom nom


mmm… Yummy memories. I didn’t actually get down into the black forest when I went to Germany, since I was up around Bremen, but did managed to get some black forest cake while I was over there.

Btw, if you ever get to North Germany, have a traditional North German Dinner if you can swing it. At least find some place you can eat kraben.

Best shrimp I’ve ever had. Tiny and packed full of flavor.


We haven’t had news in a while, but @f0rkz dropped this link is Discord earlier.


At the end of a long day fighting hordes of zeds you’re likely to find some loot, just as a reward for doing a good job of slaughtering the mutant hordes. You may find individual cosmetic accessories to wear or weapon skins to tote. When you do, they are yours to keep forever, trade with your friends, or sell on the market - whichever you like.


Bored of the same old rags when fighting hordes of zeds? Here are 3 new uniform bundles, available for your favorite zed killers. Each bundle comes with a new uniform, a new cosmetic and multiple skin variants for them! These are purchasable from the Trading Floor whenever you want.


Horzine supply crates contain a single skin variant of a wearable cosmetic, chosen at random from a set of possible items for each type of crate. The crates can be unlocked with a decryption key purchasable from the Trading Floor or on the Steam Market. Accessories come in different skin variants and 6 tiers of rarity. There is also a chance the crate will contain a precious golden accessory.


You may also find USB sticks, which contain a single Rare weapon skin blueprint, from a set of possible skins for each type of stick. Unlock them with a decryption key purchasable from the Trading Floor or on the Steam Market. Have a weapon skin you don’t want? Trade it with a friend for one more your style. Or for something else you want. Or just trade the stick. Its up to you. Weapons skins come in 6 tiers of rarity and 3 levels of wear from Mint to Battle-Scarred. There is also a chance it will be an ultra rare precious golden weapon skin.


The Patriarch is Back!

Finally, somebody else to kill other than Hans. Next month. Also, 2 new maps!


I’m super allergic to shellfish, so I’ll have to pas on that. But I imagine it’s amazing…


And the update hit!

The new ‪#‎KillingFloor2‬ content update ‪#‎ReturnOfThePatriarch‬ is now live on Steam - grab it here!


Aww. You beat me too it. I know what I’m doing this weekend. Who’s in?

Edit: You see what they did to the zweihander? Why bother having a berserker now?

New Perk:

New Weapons
Remington Army Model 1858 revolver (single/dual)
M1911 pistol (single/dual)
Desert Eagle (single/dual)
.500 Magnum Zed Collector revolver (single/dual)
Nailbomb Grenade

New Maps
Black Forest

New Character
Oisten Jaegerhorn - obtained by being part of the KF 2 Steam Community

New Features
New Boss - Patriarch - What have you done to his children?
Full Steam Mod Workshop Support
Upload or subscribe to your favorite mods and maps as a client!
Servers can subscribe to and stay up to date when the maps and mods change!
Clients will automatically download maps directly from Steam workshop for servers that are subscribed to workshop maps
New dual pistol aiming style (centered), toggle by alt fire
Body flashlights
Zed-Conomy and Trading Floor Store
Server Welcome Screen - brand your server with an image, website link, and message of the day

Improvements and Additions
Updated controller scheme
Reduced the amount of map collectables needed to unlock achievements
Physics is now more prominent on dead players
When players are killed they take into account the velocity of the attack that killed them. Player ragdolls fly through the air, splat against walls, make crunching sounds when they impact, and leave behind bloodstains.
Added many new achievements
Perk Rank Up Achievement set - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25
Perk Hot Shot Achievement set - Beat each difficulty as a particular perk

Perk Changes and Additions
Fortitude skill changed to 75% health increase (previously 100%)
Vampire skill increased by 1 health per kill (now 4 instead of 3)
Smash does 25% extra damage (down from 100%)
Nuke radius reduced
Armament 25% less effective heal and will heal 1% armor (down from 10% less effective and 2% armor)
Vaccination Now grants 2% armor (down from 4%)
Lvl 5
Scoot ‘n’ Shoot - Move 50% faster in iron sights with reduced weapon bob
Quick Draw - 50% faster weapon switch, automatic weapon switch if you run out of ammo
Lvl 10
Rack ‘em Up - Consecutive headshots increase damage by 10% up to 70% (missing head shots drops 10%)
Bone Breaker - 20% more damage with gunslinger weapons
Lvl 15
Advanced Techniques - 20% faster reload
Penetration - Increased zed penetration by 1 extra zed
Lvl 20
Center Mass - Chest shots have 30% more stumble power
Leg Shots - SHots to the legs have 30% more knockdown power when zeds are sprinting
Lvl 25
Fanfire - Shoot 3x faster in Zed time
Uber Ammo - Never run out of ammo in Zed time

Zed Changes
Added cinematic camera and new boss intro and victory animations for both bosses.
Hans taunts will now shoot guns in the air with fx and sounds.
Stalker now fades in and out of cloak
Addressed surrounding Hans exploit - when surrounded Hans gas will now do more damage and has some explosive power

Weapon Changes
Players will now default to centered aiming with dual pistols (based on community voting) and can now switch to the offset aiming with the alt fire key (default middle mouse).
Increased ammo pickup amounts on certain weapons (boomstick, flamethrower, microwave gun, RPG-7) to get them more consistent across the board
Zweihander Damage Reduced
Heavy attacked reduced to 195(previously 290)
Standard attack reduced to 85 (previously 90)
Bash damage reduced to 63 (previously 120)

New audio sliders
Master Volume
SFX Volume
Dialog Volume
New controller options
Aimed sensitivity
Aim Assist lock-on
Aim Assist Rotation
Aim Assist Slowdown
New mouse options
Aimed Sensitivity
Mouse Smoothing
New Keyboard options
Last Used Weapon
Trader Menu
Off Perk weapons now show at the bottom of each specific perk list
Added icons to MAG and FILL buttons to better clarify what they do for new players
Improved using the Trader menu with controllers
Bumpers now swap between PERKS, TYPE, FAVORITES, and ALL
Triggers now swap between perk/weapon type subcategory
Pressing left/right on l-stick will swap between the TRADER's inventory and yours, respectively
Improved the overall look and functionality of the main menu
Removed the 3d transform on main menus to make better use of the space
Moved the menu bar to the very top for easier navigation
Added an orange highlight state for better highlighting
Moved the player character to center of screen
Darkened the black background of all UI assets to better stand out
General spacing tweaks to keep all UI assets on a grid
Remade and resized controller icons for better visibility
Supplier-type perk talents (Support: Supplier, Demolitionist: Grenade Supplier) now show an icon over the squadmate who has an active supplier skill available to the player
Changed Download OK button to cancel

New 9mm sounds
Added Hans Entry and Victory sounds
Modifications to reverb system to increase clarity
Continued improvements to game mix
Added a Voice volume slider
Performance improvements
Improved player impact sounds for better feedback
Added random sound position emitter functionality
Added functionality to attach sounds to particle FX

Map Exploit Fix
Burning Paris catwalk exploit

Added default material for custom terrain materials

Bug Fixes
Fixed AI not attacking players blocking them from their original target
Fixed AI attack and pathing near corners
Fixed clots clipping into walls when stumbled
Fixed tracers not colliding with walls
Fixed fleshpound sound loop at the point of its death
Fixed player battle chatter echo still being audible with battle chatter set to 0
Fixed several battle chatter lines that were cut short
Fixed weapon recoil being different offline vs online
Fixed perks changing unintentionally due to mouse inputs being registered when menus were closed
Several other minor bug fixes

Known Issue
High Nvidia Flex settings have been disabled. Players running Flex on High will be limited to the Low performance setting to avoid stability issues. We’re currently working with Nvidia to resolve these stability issues so we can re-enable the feature.
Steam Workshop tool updates will be added in the near future.
Achievements for leveling up perks will not immediately unlock for players who already have a perk at level 25.
Players buying multiple dual pistols in a single trader interaction will sometimes not be granted one of their pistols after leaving the trader.
These will be addressed in a patch in the next day or so...


Guess I’ll just play Witcher 3 all weekend then :wink: