Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


Look familiar? Also, the “Starbucks” sign says “Prices only a pig could love”.


Shit man, they were DEAD ON.


So… I … still don’t own this game… >.>


You need to!


@f0rkz is correct. Now is a fantastic time to get into KF2. The new update adds a ton of new content and the F7 community is as active as ever in the game. In fact, some quick math shows that the F7 Community has a combined 532.4 hours in Killing Floor 2 as of this post. That is insane!


In fact, many of us meet on a nightly basis to get in a few rounds with each other.


Small patch coming today.

Patch for the opt-in preview available soon. See you in game!

Reverted changes to starting and max ammo for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support weapons.
Tweak to laser sight on Eviscerator
Made Scrake more vulnerable to direct hits from RPG rockets, especially when aiming for the head
Increased the pellet penetration and ability for Dragon’s Breath Shotgun rounds to panic ZEDs
Bug Fixes
Fixed comm rose being stuck on screen after Hans intro
Fixed Berserker damage resistance description
Fixed Berserker melee attack speed being incorrectly calculated
Fixed Berserker Smash, Block and Furious Defender skills not working as intended
Fixed stuck ZEDs not respawning
Fixed Zweihander having an ammo cost in the trader
Fixed broken animations when reloading some weapons
Fixed microwave gun effect looping on corpses
Fixed low friction FleX gore
Fixed no sound effect when turning NVG’s on and off.
Fixed a bug where Berserker passive bonus to attack speed applied to melee bashes with non-berserker weapons.
Fixed an issue with the sight for the microwave guns when real time reflections were turned on.
Fixed an issue where the lobby music would play during the first wave
Fixed a bug where players could instant-kill Hans using some melee weapons
Fixed an issue where the Hans intro would not work properly in some resolutions
Replaced debug text when trying to join a full server
FleX crash fixes and performance optimizations
Emitter/explosion optimizations
Log spam cleanup


Reduced Spartan attack speed to intended value
Increased smash knockdown power to intended value (note: text description of perk has not changed yet)
Tightened spread on HX25
Added voice over for Strasser, replaces placeholder audio
Balanced all voice over audio
Improved performance on Catacombs
General FleX optimizations
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where HX25 rounds were not dealing impact damage online
Fixed some zeds spawning in the wrong wave on normal length games
(NEW) Graphics options can once again be edited in the ini without being overwritten
Known Issue
Grenade supplier perk is only working once per game instead of once per wave

Supposed patch today!


Servers are updated!



So Killing Floor 2 received the official Incinerate N’ Detonate update today-- which means it’s out of opt-in beta and into early access. To celebrate, Killing Floor 2 will have a FREE WEEKEND this weekend on Steam, and will be on sale for anybody who does not have it yet!!.aspx

What does this mean for F7 you ask?



And obviously that’s not enough. So we are launching more now as we speak.


But we can all agree, that the important thing here is that we have our private servers to tide us over in the storm.


Got some reports from John Gibson that the server he was playing on had some weird ping spikes due to possible CPU overload. I am shuffling resources to try and optimize the load.


PC Gamer is giving away 8000 of a glorious Dosh skin for Mr. Foster.


Except its only one per what I guess is IP because Voldenae can’t sign up after I did.


I’m a person too dammit!!!


I take it now that the free weekend for KF2 is over we are going to drop some of the servers, but I was wondering if we might want to include a few (like maybe 3 or 4 total) servers set to long. I’m thinking maybe 2 normal 1 hard 1 suicidal or some such? I know we’ve run normal 7 wave servers so far but I personally enjoy the 10 wave format myself.


Who said we are dropping anything? The last conversation I had was adding more. That being said, I am 100% fine with having more variety if that is what people want. Personally I find 7 waves to be a perfect fit for me but I wouldn’t be apposed to trying it one night.