Official Killing Floor 2 Thread


As we move into the closing phase of Beta and into Early Access use this thread for all of your Killing Floor 2 needs.

April 21 can’t come soon enough. Also, Team F7 (while a man down) managed to kill the boss for the first time. Now onto Hard mode and beyond. Good work everyone. We also tried Hell on Earth difficulty with 4 players and only manged to get into wave 2. If you are looking for a challenge this game sure provides one.


Eyes on @Tricky for not being there. Shame!


I am in need of this game after watching some of your streams. I especially like when someone was needing money and @f0rkz was making it rain.


The entire point of killing the boss at the end is just so you can enjoy a “Dosh Party” while everyone makes it rain.


You’re too kind. @SOCRATEZ is leaving out the fact that he and @Voldenae managed to kill the boss several times without us before we all managed to…



The entire point is the Dosh party at the of the rounds.

I’ll see you gentlemen again tonight. I need to get more levels that they are going to wipe.


Don’t forget, @cha0s5150 also killed the boss a couple of times before last night. Draw what conclusions you may from this information.


Just think, @SOCRATEZ, @cha0s5150, and myself beat the boss and still failed multiple times to carry F7 to victory.


Knowing is half the battle. G.I. JOE!



Holy shit! I have never seen that video. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.


i enjoy dropping the entire magazine into a beheaded bloats and then complain i am out of ammo



(discourse doesn’t like my random outbursts)


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Who is this @WingZero guy? I seem to recall that name. Nice to hear from you. Don’t be a stranger.


Prior F7, current GG.


You can’t leave the cult once you are part of us.


it’s this right?


Probably the most accurate thing ever. So so tasty.


Considering how painful playing on Hell on Earth was last night I hope the Zeds at least found our flesh tender and tasty.