October Game Night - Killing Floor 2

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Time has gotten away from us all and another Game Night is already upon us!!

I apologize for the delay in the announcement and the lack of voting this go round, however I figured we’ve all had a break from KF2. Hans misses us dearly and like the kind people we are, we should not deny him the chance to gas us yet again.

We have slew of servers ranging from Normal to Hell On Earth, so pick your crew, pick your difficulty, and lets roll!

If you choose, you can start trying to organize teams in this thread, if not, show up in mumble and we’ll go from there!

Can’t wait to see you guys!


Unfortunately it’ll be a coin flip dependent on the weather for if I can make this one or not. Work has made it abundantly clear that if the cloud cover breaks they need the helicopters in the air, which will mean I’ll be working all weekend most likely.

!S just found F7 Quick Hello and info about me

or sword, rather.


I may or may not make it on also. The wife has plans to go out with the girls that night and I am on dad duty. Now if the little one goes to sleep at a decent hour I will probably make it. I may have to use a little benedryl to help speed the process. :slight_smile:


I hope everyone had an awsesome game night! We were wrapping up our last night of vacation with Ninja II and ZOMBEAVERS (oh, yeah, you read that right). <3


Please tell me Zombeavers was at least a canadian film.


I haven’t watched Zombeavers yet, but it IS in my netflix queue