New project. We've got movie sign!


Small update.

The body, head, eyes are painted with their final color. Body and shoulders are assembled. First cuts were made for the control rod assembly.

However, when I started to assemble the eye mechanism, I found out that the pivot assembly was missing.

Soooooooooo now I have to wait for a replacement to be mailed. Thankfully the seller is sending one free.

Once that arrives, I should be able to finish it in a couple of days.


Crow is FINISHED*!!!

Finally got the replacements for the missing parts, carved up multiple pieces of PVC, threaded cords and string through narrow pipes, and got it all put together. Also made a base out of a 9x12" trophy base and a PVC coupler.

*still need to tighten the eye control cords, and also not happy with the electrical tape for the pupils, since it refuses to lay flat. Have some inkjet printable waterslide decal sheets on the way. I’ll print/paint the pupils on that and transfer them to the eyes.


Dude he looks fantastic!