New project. We've got movie sign!


Couldn’t resist this when I saw it for sale.

After a lot of work, and a lot of paint, I’m hoping it will resemble this:

The guy who sold it did some incredible packing to fit all the parts into a much smaller box than I was expecting. Based on the quality of the pieces, I’m going to get one of his Crow T. Robot kits shortly.


Does he have a website? Link please?


There you go.


Thanks Korben!


Dude this is amazing. I’m sure you’ll get it to that point. I’m lazy so I’ll just buy a jumpsuit and crack-wise.


Ok, thoroughly washed and degreased all the parts. Got the hands and shoulders painted semi-gloss white.

Although they were already this color, they’re made of resin and would eventually turn yellow if left unpainted.

Tomorrow the globe gets cut off the candy dispenser and the red parts get a first coat of paint/primer.


Tom’s head (a Carousel snack dispenser) in progress.

Looks like I got a bit luckier than most builders. The instructions call for cutting the globe off the dispenser since it’s glued on tight. Mine wasn’t, and twisted right off.

Next was to snap off the retention ring around the top (which was glued).

I wrapped the globe in airbrush mask to protect it from scratches while I’m working on the rest.

Next steps are to remove the bottom. I got lucky again on this part, since usually the bottom is glued on and has to be broken off, but in this case it’s screwed on, and then degrease and paint.

Two coats of Krylon Banner Red Maxx paint/primer, then a couple of coats of Testors 1629 Red Metal Flake. The mouth will be painted (after removing the handle) with Testors 1246 Metallic Silver. The inside of the mouth will be painted flat black.


Paint is done!

Well, almost. I don’t like how his upper mouth turned out darker than the rest, so I’m redoing that one from another Carousel snack dispenser.


More progress!

Got the bearing plate installed on the barrel, the engine mounted (and had fun trying to use a screwdriver from inside the barrel . . .)

Also installed the mechanics to operate the mouth and mounted the control rod.

Next steps are to trim the vacuformed shoulders, drill the holes and mount them, then drill the holes to mount the hoverskirt. After that I’ll only have the black pieces at the bottom and the hands to attach. Almost done!


Coming together real good.



Going to be a slight delay finishing him. Turns out that using a stubby screwdriver for several minutes in a space just large enough for my hand to fit through will, after about half an hour, turn my hand into a size that is just large enough to rip the skin off near my thumb and the other side of my hand when I pull it out.

Waiting for it to heal up. :frowning:


The pain will make you stronger and you can truly say that you put your blood and sweat into this project. :grinning:


Tom Servo is finished!

Took a little coaxing to get him to smile for the picture. It involved channel lock pliers.

Next up, Crow T. Robot.


Up next:


Nice job!


Dude that looks awesome!



Started work on Crow. The resin casting of the hockey mask is taking a lot of prep work. After removing all the excess flash from the part, I’m having to file each tube smooth, which is taking quite a bit of time.

Next I’ll use a 7/8" hole bit to cut through the Tupperware parts. The bowling pin and soap dish will require some very careful cutting to get them prepared.

I’ve attached the assembly guide so you can see just how involved this build is.

Crow Assembly Guide.pdf (5.9 MB)


First Crow update. Got the flashing cleared from the resin parts of the hockey mask. Smoothed out all the edges. Pop riveted/screwed/glued the parts together. Filled in bubbles with UV resin and an ultraviolet “laser”.

This piece was a bigger pain in the ass than the entire Tom Servo build . . .


Got the 7/8" holes cut in all of the Tupperware pieces, removed the center section from the small grille, and made the cuts in the bowling pin.


VERY rough assembly of the parts so far for Crow.

Still need to finish cutting out the space for his eyes, cut the PVC pipes for controlling him, and paint everything.

The first couple of coats are going to be with Krylon MAXX gold, and the final coats will be Testors Lime Gold.

The eyes fill be fluorescent yellow, the inside of the head and mouth, and also the inside of the body, will be painted flat black.