Networked external hard drive


This really isn’t so much about being an enthusiast but more wanting to know if anyone else experiences this and what I can do about it.

I have a linksys router (see link below - it is close enough to the one i have) and I have a 1TB external hard drive hooked up to the router that I use to store stuff on. I swear that I put stuff onto the hard drive and then things randomly disappear from the hard drive. sometimes it is pictures that I put on there other times it has been movies. I am not deleting the files and I know my wife isn’t doing it but they seem to be being lost somewhere.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? If so, any solutions to the problem? The one thing I have tried is pulling everything off of the drive and formatted and then put it back on the drive but it still seems to happen from time to time.



I have experienced external hard drives that will once in awhile appear to lose all or a large amount of data. Cycling power to the drive has always seemed to fix the issue. These have been isolated incidents with just certain drives so could be an indication of a creeping an issue, idk.

I would connect your drive directly to the PC and see if it happens again, just to rule the router out. If it does and it happens regularly I wouldn’t trust that drive.


Yeah, I have a spare laptop sitting around that I am going to run as a server for a bunch of movies that I have so I can watch them through the PS3 so I think I will just plug the drive in there. I think it may have something to do with the power being knocked out but can’t be sure. If that is the case being hooked to a laptop should cure that.


What is the external hard drive’s partition type? NTFS, FAT32, something else? I would recommend building a linux fileserver or something of the like and share the files via samba.

It is possible the linksys router didn’t actually write the files that were disappearing. Did you try to access them after you wrote the files to the external drive? Maybe they were just written to the partition table and not actually stored. Either that, or that external drive is starting to go.


Yeah power outages can do interesting things. Being in Florida (lightning capital) I have several APC Batt/surge units around for the entertainment/pc/network devices to keep things humming.


I don’t know what the partition type is off the top of my head. As for building a linux file server I have no clue how to do something like that. I know to start with google and type in “how to build linux file server” but don’t know how much time I really can devote to such a project. Do you have a website that is easily understood that would walk me through the process? Is this something that can be done on an old laptop?

As for the files, they were there and sometimes for weeks before one day they just disappeared. I was actually wanting and viewing some of the videos and photos off of the hard drive. It seems to only affect recently added files and I always seem to notice it after my power has gone out due to a storm. This happened last week and then I noticed some files missing this week that I was trying to get back to that I had loaded to the drive a few weeks earlier.

Overall the drive seems to do some weird things. If I load files to the drive through the network the drive seems to treat the files differently than if I load them while the drive is connected to the computer. Ex. I loaded some of my iTunes library through the network and then tried to copy them back to the computer while it was connected directly to the computer and it won’t copy the entire directory for some reason. But if I had initially loaded the library to the drive while connected to the computer it wouldn’t have any problems copying back. weird shit like that.


If you are comfy with it, you can ship a system over to me and I can build you a decent fileserver. A laptop would work, but bear in mind it would have to run all the time. You could always use a raspberry pi and turn it into a fileserver. That way you are looking at lower monthly kilowatt hours.

I don’t mind helping out, its rather easy for me and I would gladly lend my expertise.


I’m not uncomfortable with it so much as I am uncomfortable with spending money on shipping. I’m becoming a bigger tightwad especially knowing how much baby formula and diapers cost. Too bad I don’t live in the Atlanta area or F7 isn’t based in Houston. DAMN IT PEOPLE! Move to Houston and hold lans out here.


sp00nz actually lives in Austin now, but he is moving again very soon.