Movies on Steam?


So today, you can buy all of the Mad Max Movies on steam.

Steam has had movies that you could buy or watch for free for a while, but they’ve been small indie style films.



As @f0rkz mentioned last night in mumble, this ties perfectly into the pending launch of the Steam box. I’d be more interested in rentals, especially if their prices would be more reasonable than Itunes/Amazon/PSN.


Do you even Redbox bro?


No, too inconvinient to leave my house to rent a movie only to have to go back the next day and take it back.


Hey I remember that CampinCarl guy…


Movies would be interesting. I’d probably be more inclined to buy movies from steam. But, I don’t want that to take away from the game-side of steam. Can’t work for two masters type of deal.


Its a neat concept and I really think they are behind the trend. PSN and Xbox had it several years ago. I think this may be a market grab to bring steam’s bar back on par with its competitors.


I’d like to see some movie stream sharing options built in here. Think along the lines of Tabletop Simulator but with movies so I can watch with someone via steam and hear their awful commentary in real time.