Monthly Game Night


Check the forums everyday boys and girls.


And steam for good deals! Unfortunately for me somedays it is a choice between taking a nap or getting on a computer. Most times the nap wins. I’m sure @f0rkz can relate.


Wait, what was that, i was sleeping


I should be on for this one.


Our first group of 8 players has filled. If you haven’t signed up yet now is your last chance! Those of you who have signed up please take a moment today to make sure you have downloaded, installed and updated Left 4 Dead 2. Please also ensure you have Mumble downloaded and installed. Head over here to download Mumble. I’ve included the server information below. Please ensure you arrive promptly at 9:00 PM EST (or a few minutes before) in Mumble so that we can get started on time.


Lobby leaders: Use the follow command in console when a lobby group is formed to force one of the F7Lans L4D2 servers:

mm_dedicated_force_servers ",,,,,"


So seems like valve really goofed up L4D2. We can try and connect to our servers tomorrow, but connection from lobby seems to not work (thanks valve). We found that we can create our own servers via lobby and it will work. So at least one poor sap will have to host tomorrow failing our servers not working.


SUPER FINAL MEGA REMINDER (I’m starting to sound like a Street Fighter sequel)

The Left 4 Dead 2 event happens TONIGHT AT 9 PM EST. Please arrive in Mumble by 9 PM with Left 4 Dead 2 installed, updated and ready to go. We look forward to seeing you all there.


Also, since we are most likely going to require someone to host the game it cannot be me because I’ll be streaming the event to twitch. @freeb1rd may be able to since he has a decent setup for stability.


Tearing each other up tonight as zombies was pretty fun, so thanks everyone who participated.

As always, we are open to suggestions as to what you might be interested in playing next month, and in the future. You can go to the forum post **[here][1]** to find the poll and place your vote!!

Vote in the poll and then check back for the announcement!
[1]: ATTENTION: Game Night Poll


Sorry, I felt bad being one of the first to sign up and then not being able to be there at 9:00, had crap come up. At least I got in there for one game as a zombie. Mumble was great and now I don’t have to waste my time watching the rest of House, M.D. on Netflix thanks to @Super_Cereal. :smile:


Please say we are doing game night this Friday! I have my Mom coming into town next week and will lose the use of my computer during that time since my office doubles as a guest bedroom. Maybe some Guns of Icarus?


We shall make it so. Let’s poop on some airships for this upcoming game night.


Formal Game Night for the upcoming month (Jan 2nd) is cancelled secondary to the holiday season. If everyone is going to be around we can still do some impromptu Guns of Icarus but there will be nothing formal scheduled or organized. We hope to resume normal function in Feb.


Soc and Vold definitely deserve a break from their awesome Game Night hosting duties, but I have a feeling that there will be people playing video gaems this Friday night. Gotta make the most of the last of vacation before the craziness of the year begins…
Just make sure y’all jump in mumble and we can organize as folks gather. =D


Absolutely, I’m all about getting together with some F7ites Friday and playing GoI or what ever else. Just with Voldenae and I visiting friends and family I didn’t want to organize anything official only to be unable to deliver.


Well, we shall play some Guns of Icarus Friday. f0rkzmandate, join mumble and let’s get some crews going!

I’ll pilot with @freeb1rd and tricky. We need another crew member for a full load.


Game night scheduled f0rkz style.

Post here for roll calls and get your spot in a crew!


dibs on last crew slot on this ship!


@Carl_Bananas ship full D: There is another crew forming up though! Head over here to get your spot, yarrr