Monthly Game Night


July 11th it is.


Yup. Pretty self explanatory here I think.


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Thats right, its already time for the next game night!!

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On call that evening but depending on how hurt people decide to get I may try to make an appearance. Hope to see you all there.


May be a little late to the partay. We can’t decide on what to have for dinner so we are running a little late.



That place is actually here in Omaha. Haven’t been there though.



A driver error caused my screen blackout. Searching for remedy update.



Oh noes… :frowning:


F0rkz, make sure to take a look at the server settings, I suspect something was bugged up with the scramble function in relation to us F7’ites because every time the server did a full scramble it didn’t appear to change any of us from our teams. The only balancing that appeared to affect us was player count balancing.


Yup. I am on the task as soon as I have some free time. I noticed admin was flat out not working so I’ve got some work to do.




I have sent the wife out for girls night on friday and I will be flying solo on baby duty. If my little girl decides to cooperate and sleep during that time I will be there. So everyone send prayers and good vibes this way so that I may be able to play.


Dad vibes coming your way.



It seems valve is having some issues with VAC tonight. People are getting randomly dropped for reasons.

We should reschedule tonight’s game night in lieu of unforeseen issues.


Yea, if not opposed, lets try it next Friday if that works for everyone. If not, let us know what weekend.

Also the asteroids map is super fun.