Monthly Game Night


Join us this Friday night for some slightly more troll-y than usual shenanigans!!!

Because you know, tf2 nights are generally super serious business with no tom-foolery whatsoever. O_o


100% tom-foolery 100% of the time.



I may actually attend this one since my psych rotation just started and has been pretty light so far.

PC Gaming Overtakes Consoles

Reminder: TF2 Gaming Night is Tonight at 9:00 PM EST. See you there!


I’m definitely game for it, anything to help me forget work.


Just a heads up (and self reminder) the next game night is June 6th.


So we have been rolling out Game Night once a month for a while now with pretty decent success. It has definitely improved attendance and quality wise with time, and for the frequent flyers, I sincerely thank you for your participation thus far. It’s helped significantly, and newbies who come to our server always compliment it when we have a nice F7 roster playing. What I’m wondering is, how are you guys liking it?

Are there things you are really digging and want to see more of?

Are there things you aren’t enjoying and wish we would change?

I haven’t been hearing any complaints but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something we can improve upon or something you would like to say (good or bad), so spill!


This may warrant a new post with the Poll feature!


You guys know the spiel, Friday June 6th at 9pm

Same BatServer, same BatChannel (


Oh how I wish I could make this one. Maybe sometime in the next 18 years I will be able to make it back for a monthly tf2 night. My daughter hasn’t even been born yet and my time is already taken. Everyone, shoot someone else in the head for me!


It was a pretty epic night tonight you guys, thanks for all the awesome.


Twas a good time. I miss you guise. :crying_cat_face:

Why do we specifically have a crying cat face icon.


There are quite a few emoji icons. Find them here:

:rage3: :feelsgood: :rage1:


Ah yes, things such as the quintessential european post office emoji.


So I wanted to bring a choice to the people. The next game night falls on July 4th,and I know that we have families/people we are willing to spend time with, so if everyone is cool with it, we could move it the July 11th next month in lieu of the holiday.

All in favor say “Aye”




Aye! I think I can finally make one again.


in the interest of having people actually show up, moving it seems like probably the best plan.


Sorry I’m a little late, I agree with the 11th would be much better.