Monthly Game Night


We will just have to wait until next year for Xtreme Xmas Xtravaganza 2014.


Just your regular annoying reminder that TOMORROW NIGHT shit goes down.

Thus, remember to update your game (like I have not yet done).

Also, if you want to pop in for a minute just to say “Hi”, please feel free. It happens more often than you’d think. Also if @SOCRATEZ didn’t have a test next week I would promise his attendance. However you’ll just have to tune into my mic to hear him hollering in the back ground.


when is the start time? I am ready for some rocket spam!


NOW!!! That time, she is now. Did you know there was a 20 char min on posts??


1 hr 50 minutes to drag my fat ass 10 miles. Since this was the first time I had ever run that sort of distance I don’t think it was such a bad time.


Wow! For having never run that far, I’d just be glad I finished at all! Well done!


Don’t forget, our first monthly TF2 night of the new year is this evening.


The server host has changed to: be there or be square


I hope to be there tonight. I got in a little practice over the break so hopefully I won’t suck.


Yep yep, it’s time for monthly carnage again, only this time, romance themed!
Let your F7s know you love them with a sniper shot to the face!

Feb 7th at 9 pm on our server


And now you’ll take it to the grave with you.


After he shoots you with his love arrow.


We are such bad community members with our being busy on First Friday night activities. That said, Monuments Men was very good. As was Robocop. Which was our last two Fridays. <3


Don’t worry, Ouch and I took care of teaching pugs to come to F7. They won’t make that mistake again.


I meant to say this earlier, but thanks @Ouch and @clickfire for keeping the night going since I had the death plague (that @SOCRATEZ gave me) and was pretty much worthless to the event!

Also March 7th is the next event date! Hopefully I’ll remain alive next time.


Just a reminder, THIS FRIDAY, March 7 is the next Monthly TF2 Night.
As always, 9 pm in the kick off time. I of course work until 8, but will try to remember to be updated before the event this time (and I’ll post to remind you guys too).
Oh and not be utterly sick and on cold meds.

Join us for our monthly TF2 Night! March 7th at 9:00 PM EST

We may be late (since we’re seeing 300 THE SEQUEL) but we will do our damnedest to be there!!!


Just got my new laptop today and I’m anxious to try it out on some TF2 tomorrow! Lenovo Y510P, officially I got it for business purposes but it also it a decent gaming laptop so it’s the best of both worlds and it came in at just under $1000.00. Windows 8 is taking some getting used to but at least I found the old desktop.


Reminder: We go live tonight at 9 PM EST. Make sure you take the time to UPDATE STEAM/TF2!


Looks like the only nodes that needed updating was the mvm servers. That is weird the others seem to not care or already automagically updated on their own.